Christmas 2021 : Planning Tips to Secure Your Business

Whether you have a small retail shop, a medium enterprise, or a multinational company, plan the holiday season meticulously depending on the number of days or weeks you plan to shut down your business during the Christmas celebrations. For most of the burglars out there, the holiday season means business! They’ll try to find and exploit the loopholes that you may have ignored while the shutdown period.

To avoid getting mugged this holiday season, we have compiled a list of ideas you can implement to secure your premises and enjoy your Christmas stress-free.

1. Install a Monitoring System

The first step to take, if you haven’t already, is to install a professionally monitored security system. MA Services Group can very well take care of this requirement in case you haven’t. We will send an expert to assess your building’s premises or shop’s layout and offer a tailored security system that suits your business needs. Based on the expert’s assessment, it will be easier to find out the security system that will meet your business requirement, which will then be installed by a trained technician.

When you choose a professional security solutions service like us, rather than doing it by yourself, be rest assured that we will monitor the activities in a controlled environment that works 24×7. In case an alarm is triggered due to any suspicious activity, we will contact you or a representative you’ve chosen immediately. If required, we can send our security personnel to assess and control the threat as well.

2. Monitor visitors’

Make sure you have a system to monitor visitors’ movement in your vicinity. Visitors can be anyone, a delivery guy, maintenance personnel or anyone else who visits your premises regularly or temporarily every month. By monitoring their movement, you ensure that they don’t get lost or loiter around a place you don’t want them to be.

3. Keep a Tab on your Property’s Entry and Exit Points

Make sure to check all your entry and exit points such as doors, gates, sensors, and lights to ensure that they are working fine. If not, then you may need to replace them. One more important thing to keep in mind is to integrate your fire alarm and smoke sensor with your security system.

4. Protect Your Valuables

Remove any valuables or cash from accessible places in your building. You may also use a signboard highlighting that you have temporarily closed your business and it is under CCTV surveillance. Also, utilize the lights in your building to thwart off any burglar activity. When you leave your lights on, especially the ones that work on sensors, it leaves an impression that someone from your security staff might still be there.

5. Enhance your Existing Security Systems

It is always advisable to keep enhancing existing measures to overcome the challenges of the future. Hence, we recommend you to upgrade your security system to ensure you are using the latest technology available. MA Services Group offers integrated security systems tailored as per client requirements. Our integrated security systems allow you to seamlessly control the alarm and other security systems remotely from your phone.

6. Update your Contact Details with the Existing Security Service Provider

As a professional security provider, we would recommend you to update your latest contact details, if any, with your existing security company. It always helps the company to send real-time alerts on your phone in case of any emergency.

Remember to make a final checklist of everything that needs to be done on the last working day before the business closes. The person who leaves last on that day needs to be someone senior who knows the protocol and is responsible enough to follow procedures.

If you follow these suggestions, you might be able to enjoy your hard-earned break with peace of mind. You know that you have followed the steps necessary to secure your business from any unwanted theft.

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