Retail Security and Loss Prevention Management

Let our qualified Loss Prevention Team help secure your business. 

Our Mission

To promote a safe and welcoming environment whilst protecting stock, staff and bottom-line profitability.


National Presence, Local Service

Our Retail & Loss Prevention Services expand across Australia, we cater to clients within all industries, and of all sizes, ensuring all are provided with the same first-class customer service.


The Retail Crime Intelligence Platform

Auror empowers the retail community to prevent crime, reduce loss, and make stores safer. Its real-time insights and analytics allow stores to make data-driven decisions, fast.  


Tailored Solutions to Meet Client Needs

We have successfully worked alongside both large retailers and as small boutique stores, providing advice on unique processes that will minimise shrinkage.   

OUR People

Australia's Largest Covert Team

Our team of Covert Officers is the largest nationally, with over 200 staff members who aid in detecting shoplifting, fraud and other unlawful acts in retail establishments   


Trusted by clients across various industries

Our expertise is sought-after in the retail, logistics, healthcare and federal government sectors as well as many other. This diversity reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and organisations.

Our Expertise

Our Retail Management & Loss Prevention Security Services

Our team have the experience and qualifications necessary to assist across all levels of Loss Prevention including the installation of technology for electronic tagging and CCTV, manpower services of both Uniformed and Covert Loss Prevention Officers, as well as additional client training programs that aid in educating staff and management on how employee error can contribute to shrinkage.
  • Loss Prevention Planning Services
  • Covert Operatives
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Door Greeters
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Duress Response & Lone Worker
  • Store Opening & Closing Services
  • Support Services
  • Merchandise Protection Support Responsibilities
  • First Aid
  • Building Maintenance Response
  • Concierge
  • Anomalies Reporting
  • Static And Roving Guards
  • Asset Protection
  • Mail Screening

Our Approach to a Seamless Loss Prevention Service Delivery

Education & Industry Awareness

We work closely with both our client's Management Team and their staff to analyse their data, identify key areas of high shrinkage and offer advice on how to best manage their merchandise.

We work with an advanced Retail Crime Intelligence software, Auror, that aims to connect people and organisations with timely intel to proactively reduce the impacts of crime in retail stores. Its purpose is to identify the people driving store theft-related loss and harm so that management can create solutions to minimise the crime.

We have a vast and proven background in this sector and we currently serve many blue-chip retail brands across Australia. Our longevity in the industry has provided us with a large established network and strong rapport with many retail associations.

Expertise Beyond The Shop Floor

We have an established guarding and security team who are trained, qualified professionals with multiple years of experience in the security industry. With their extensive and demonstrated experience, as well as a pool of expert analyst resources, we can quickly identify new shoplifting trends and mitigate recidivist offenders, to ultimately reduce shrinkage and create a more profitable store.

Combining Services to Increase Effectiveness

We believe clients can increase the effectiveness of their Loss Prevention initiatives by teaming our Covert Loss Prevention Officers with our Customer Service Security Officers (CSSO).

CSSOs are proactive, well-groomed and customer-focused professionals who are specifically trained in Predictive Profiling. Having our CSSOs working in conjunction with our LPOs will maximise return on investment by minimising shrinkage losses.