Major Events

Our Event Security Services are built on the foundations of stringent pre-planning for complex arrangements, staff who possess excellent customer service and communication skills and detailed training and overall security management for each event.

Security Services

Security Officers

At the forefront of our mission is delivering exceptional security services to the Major Events Industry.


We take pride in our team of highly qualified security officers who are dedicated to maintaining safety.


Our range of security officers for Major Events include:

  • Customer Service Officers
  • Escorts
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Officers
  • Close Personal Protection Officers
  • Fire Wardens
  • Traffic Management Officers
  • Vehicle and Bag Inspectors

Our Security Officers are fully trained in emergency response procedures and First Aid, ensuring they can effectively handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

Crowd Management

Effective crowd management helps prevent accidents, minimise risks, and handle emergencies efficiently. It involves a range of strategies and practices tailored to the specific type of event, location, and expected crowd size. Here’s a comprehensive overview of MA’s crowd management service at major events:


Planning and Preparation

  • Identify Risks: We analyse potential risks and hazards specific to the event, such as large crowds, high-profile speakers, or pyrotechnics.
  • Mitigation Strategies: We develop strategies to address identified risks, including emergency response plans and evacuation procedures.
  • Venue Design: Design the layout of the event space to facilitate smooth movement, including entrances, exits, and pathways.
  • Crowd Flow: We plan for effective crowd flow to avoid bottlenecks and ensure accessibility to key areas such as first aid stations, restrooms, and emergency exits.
  • Adequate Staffing: We ensure there are sufficient security officers and event staff available to manage the crowd.

Monitoring and Surveillance

  • CCTV Installation: We provide cameras to monitor crowd behavior and identify potential issues.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: We provide monitoring services and quick response to emerging situations.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Evacuation Procedures: We develop and communicate evacuation plans, including routes and assembly points.
  • Medical Assistance: All our security staff are trained in first aid and we can coordinate with local emergency services for rapid response.
Incident Response & Management

Incident response and management at an event involves planning, preparedness, and the ability to respond swiftly to any incidents that may arise. This ensures the safety and security of attendees, staff, and performers, while also protecting property and maintaining the event's integrity. Here’s an overview of our incident response and management services at an event:

  • Incident Triage: We assess the severity and impact of the incident to prioritise response efforts.
  • Containment: We implement measures to contain the incident and prevent further escalation, such as crowd dispersal or securing the area.
  • Internal Communication: We ensure clear and efficient communication among the incident response team, security personnel, and event staff.
  • Public Announcements: Where possible, we use PA systems or electronic displays to communicate important information and instructions to attendees.
  • First Responders: We coordinate with on-site medical teams, fire services, and law enforcement for a swift and effective response.
  • Evacuation Procedures: We implement evacuation procedures if necessary, guiding attendees to safety through designated routes.
  • Post-Incident activities: We conduct debriefing sessions with staff and security teams to review the incident and response efforts as well as document all aspects of the incident, including detection, response, and recovery efforts.
Risk Assessment & Event Planning

Risk assessments and event planning are critical processes that ensure the safety, security, and success of any event. These processes involve identifying potential risks, developing strategies to mitigate them, and planning all aspects of the event to ensure smooth execution. At MA Services Group, we provide the following risk assessment and event planning services:


Risk Assessments

Identifying Risks

  • We evaluate the impact of adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, or extreme heat.
  • We identify risks related to overcrowding, crowd control, and emergency evacuations.
  • We prepare for potential health issues such as injuries, illnesses, and food poisoning.
  • We assess the potential for unauthorised entry, theft, or vandalism.
  • We consider the risk of terrorist attacks, violence, or other security threats.
  • We evaluate the reliability of technical systems such as sound, lighting, and IT infrastructure.
  • We identify risks related to the supply of essential goods and services.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation

  • We determine the likelihood of each identified risk occurring and evaluate the potential impact of each risk on the event, including financial, reputational, and safety implications.
  • We use a risk matrix to prioritize risks based on their likelihood and impact and identify critical areas that require immediate attention and mitigation efforts.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • We implement security measures such as surveillance cameras, security personnel, and access controls.
  • We establish safety protocols for emergency evacuations, medical emergencies, and crowd management.
  • We develop backup plans for essential services such as power supply, technical systems, and transportation and prepare crisis management plans for responding to incidents and emergencies.

Event Planning

  • We look at the scale and size of the event, including the number of attendees, duration, and location and work with you to define the security objectives of the event and identify the target audience and their needs and preferences.
  • If your venue hasn’t been chosen then we can help you determine a venue that meets the event’s requirements and has adequate safety and security measures in place.
Post Event Reporting

Security post-event reporting is a crucial component of event management, aimed at evaluating the security measures implemented during an event and identifying areas for improvement. This process involves documenting incidents, assessing the effectiveness of security protocols, and providing recommendations for future events. MASG provides the following post-event reporting for Major Events:

  • Incident documentation including incident details, response actions, outcomes and resolutions
  • Security measures assessment including the effectiveness of security protocols, personnel performance and technical systems analysis
  • We conduct a risk and threat analysis including emerging and persistent risks and incident trends
  • Recommendations and improvements including security enhancements, training and staff and operational improvements
  • Reporting and documentation including a comprehensive report, stakeholder communication and follow up actions
VIP Management

VIP Management services are specialised services designed to cater to the unique needs of high-profile individuals such as celebrities, politicians, business executives, and other important figures. These services ensure their safety, comfort, and convenience during travel, events, and daily activities. Here's an in-depth look at MA’s VIP Management services:

Detailed Planning

  • We develop detailed, personalized plans based on the VIP’s specific needs and preferences and anticipate potential issues and have contingency plans in place.

Personal Security

  • We provide highly trained close personal protection staff to VIPs, ensuring their safety at all times. All staff are highly trained and maintain a professional demeanor emphasizing the importance of privacy and confidentiality in all interactions.

Electronic Security

  • We use advanced security technologies for surveillance, communication, and threat detection and provide real-time updates and support through mobile apps and other communication tools.

Venue Security

  • We conduct thorough security site assessments of venues and locations to identify potential risks and implement measures such as surveillance and access control to secure the area.

Travel Security

  • We can provide armored vehicles, security drivers, and escort vehicles for safe travel. We plan and secure travel routes, including contingency plans for emergencies.

Collaboration and Coordination

  • We work closely with local authorities, event organizers, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless service. We ensure effective communication and coordination among all team members involved in VIP management.

Cleaning Services

Waste Management

We provide comprehensive waste management services to ensure that Major Events remain a clean and environmentally friendly space. These services include:

  • Customised Waste Management Plans
  • Waste collection and segregation
  • Collection, sorting, and processing of recyclable materials
  • Safe Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • Waste Minimisation Strategies
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Waste Cleanup
Pest Control

We provide comprehensive pest control services to help Major Events maintain a clean, healthy, and pest-free environment. These services encompass various techniques and methods to prevent, manage, and eradicate pest infestations, ensuring the safety and comfort of all attendees. Our Pest control services include:

  • Pest Inspection and Identification
  • Customised Pest Control Plans
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM): a long-term prevention strategy including a combination of biological, physical, and chemical methods to manage pests in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Safe and Effective Pest Treatment: this may include the application of pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, and other control agents.
  • Preventive Pest Control Measures
  • Rodent, Insect and Bird Control
  • Pest Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Pest Control Services
Cleaning Inspections

Cleaning inspection services are vital for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. These services involve thorough evaluations of cleaning processes, ensuring that all areas meet specified cleanliness standards. Inspections help identify issues, verify compliance, and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

Our team undertake:

  • Routine Inspections
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Specialised Inspections
  • Post-Cleaning Inspections
Hazard Management

Hazard management involves the systematic identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks associated with cleaning processes.  Types of hazards that our team deal with include: chemical, biological, physical and environmental hazards.

Our team undertake:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessments
  • Training and education
  • Safe work practices
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Documentation and reporting of hazards
Hygiene & Sanitary Services

MA offers a wide range of hygiene and sanitary services designed to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment in various settings. These services are essential for preventing the spread of germs, ensuring compliance with health regulations, and promoting overall well-being. Our hygiene and sanitary services include:

  • Regular Cleaning, Disinfection and Maintenance
  • Hand Hygiene Solutions
  • Feminine Sanitary Disposal
  • Nappy Disposal
  • Urinal Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Sanitisation of High-Traffic Areas
  • Waste Management and Disposal
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Hygiene Audits and Assessments

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Tailored Security Solutions

We provide customised security plans tailored to the specific needs and risk assessments of each event, ensuring comprehensive coverage without unnecessary measures.

Experienced Personnel

We have a team of highly trained and experienced security professionals capable of handling diverse security challenges effectively.

Customer Service Oriented

We offer security personnel trained in customer service skills, ensuring a positive and welcoming experience for event attendees while maintaining a safe environment

Transparent Communication

We prioritise transparent communication with event organisers and stakeholders, providing regular updates on security measures, incident reports, and any changes to the security plan.

Specialised Training

We offer specialised training programs for security personnel focused on crowd management, de-escalation techniques, and handling specific types of events [e.g., concerts, sports events etc.


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