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Maintenance Management.

MA Maintenance Management provides comprehensive Asset Maintenance solutions for all business types, adapting to the specific works environment and operating to the applicable codes and practices required for each building type and class.


Trusted by clients across various industries

Our expertise is sought-after in the retail, logistics, healthcare and federal government sectors as well as many other. This diversity reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and organisations.


About Our Maintenance Management Solutions

As a key part of our integrated solutions offering, our FM services applies a full maintenance services suite of our customer’s operational assets from the assessment or development of asset registers to planned and preventative maintenance programs all the way through to the lifecycle and capital management of the assets. We partner with our clients to understand their specific maintenance needs and develop solutions that provide our clients with comprehensive management of operational and capital plans that enhance our clients understanding of their assets. With the support of our systems SimPro and Tracktik, we ensure our clients are routinely updated on the performance of their assets along with the provision of compliance certification and accreditation where required across each State and Territory. We offer 24/7 support and your dedicated client manager will always be on hand to assist you in any way they can. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you are provided with an exceptionally well-managed service. Our commitment to sustainability ensures we apply and adapt to best practices in how maintenance is undertaken and to the materials and products used.

What sets
Us Apart


Holistic approach

Our systems and processes are developed with the flexibility to adjust to our clients specific requirements and the long term commitments


24/7 support

Your dedicated client manager will
always be on hand to ensure that you are provided with an exceptionally well managed


More cost effective provision of services.

We not only optimise performance
but also eliminate unnecessary overlap created by engaging multiple service providers.

Our Services

Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance involves guiding and managing the operations and maintenance of buildings, precincts and critical infrastructure on behalf of our clients.

Our systems and processes are developed with the flexibility to adjust to our client’s specific requirements and the long-term commitments to maintenance services are managed through our operational and financial models that provide you with the peace of mind that your assets are in good hands.

Our Services

Asset Management

Designed to create a framework for the complete cradle-to-grave oversight of assets of value, we actively develop a plan to acquire, operate, maintain, renew, and decommission assets.

We believe that Asset and Maintenance Management, when done holistically, provides you with peace of mind that your assets are maintained comprehensively, and our partnership with you ensures full transparency across operations and costs.

Our Services

Capital planning

We can identify current and future capital requirements to accommodate the replacement of assets which are at end of life, and develop strategies to address those future capital requirements.