Social Corporate Responsibility

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our environmental sustainability commitment embodies our approach to weaving environmental sustainability into everything we do. We make progress every day on our commitment to sourcing responsibly, minimising waste, operating efficiently, and optimising transportation and fleet. Consequently, we are proud to have achieved international accreditation in Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015). 


Our Initiatives


In 2022 we proudly commenced utilising uniforms made from 100% recycled products. We stepped up our commitment to a more sustainable future by establishing a partnership with BL Safety and Workwear to produce sustainable MASG-branded uniforms. The impressive result is a uniform fit-for-purpose, practical, aesthetically appealing – all made from recycled plastic bottles, cotton and other materials


As a provider of mobile patrols, we are aware that pollution and related issues around the use of fossil fuels can have a devastating effect on the environment. Therefore, we are actively transitioning our patrol fleet to alternative fuel sources.

We have replaced over half of our current patrol fleet with Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, assisting in the significant reduction of our CO2 emissions.


We are always asking how we can “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” across all areas of our office space and build environment.

Operationally, we have taken advantage of technology and moved all workforce management, reporting and analytics online, reducing our consumption of paper products. Our staff use our Tracktik App on their smartphones to achieve onboarding, training, accreditation documentation and licencing details. We have invested heavily in ensuring the safety of all MASG’s IT capabilities and have gained ISO IT Accreditation.


We are proud to help form the environmental attitudes of the future through our partnership with Gould League. The team at Gould League are tailor sustainability presentations and reading material to school children and community groups and supporting a more sustainable tomorrow by planting 250 trees in our name. 

We consider environmental management and sustainability as every employee’s responsibility and encourage every member of our company to engage in positive environmental awareness and activity, promoting sustainable living practices.


Our Compliance and Licencing