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MA Services Group is a 100% Australian-Owned Integrated Facilities Service Company



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Established in 2011, MA has proven experience in providing

We combine national reach with extensive local expertise and operational support in every major capital city, fostering close and long-term relationships with our clients. Each state has its own operational resources and infrastructure to ensure swift decision-making and responsiveness.


End-to-end Risk Management Solutions

“Our purpose is to influence change, create meaningful relationships with employees and clients, and develop superior working models utilising the best available technology, training, risk management and people.”

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Micky Ahuja

Managing Director



The origins of MA Services Group are based in Melbourne and was founded by our Managing Director Micky Ahuja, who had a vision of providing high-performance, customer-focused services in a safe and fair environment.

EST. 2011

Service Expansion

As a leader in delivering premium security services, we quickly expanded our capabilities to combine Security Services with additional offerings such as Cleaning, Facilities Management and Customer Service, now providing clients with integrated end-to-end solutions.

National Presence

Our NSW, Queensland, South Australian and Western Australian officers were the first out-of-state offices to be developed, with Northern Territory, Tasmania, ACT and New Zealand thriving shortly after.

MA Training

Within the past year, MA Services Group has expanded into the training and education sector. MA Training Academy ran its first course at the end of 2022 and has been thriving ever since.


National Presence,
Local Service

Founded in 2011 with a vision of providing high-performing customer-centric services, we are now everywhere you need us to be, in every state and territory around the country, highly capable of providing industry-specific, efficient and productive solutions, that deliver real benefits.

Our approach is to always understand the environment we need to operate in, that’s why we have trained professionals operating within each state, who can combine their skills with their local knowledge, to provide innovative solutions catered to a customer’s specific needs.


The centre of growth for MA Services Group since 2011, our Victorian office is home to not only our significant team of frontline personnel but is also the base for our National Operations Centre and subject matter experts. Servicing Melbournians for over 11 years, the familiar faces of our Victorian team can be seen at iconic locations, historic buildings and the state’s most popular events.

New South Wales

Located in Wetherill Park, our NSW-based team is led by local manager, Chris Gould, who has guided the team to build strong stakeholder partnerships and leveraged their local knowledge, allowing their presence to thrive. The team’s experience, combined with this significant presence, allows them to offer cost-effective, suitable and long-term solutions.

Australian Capital Territory

As the home of our nation’s capital, we understand and have proven experience in providing services to Government facilities and iconic locations. Our diverse and knowledgeable team will assess, identify, and implement practical risk-based solutions, based on what matters most to our clients.  


Driving local growth every day, our team understands Queensland’s cultural heritage and the characteristics that differentiate our coastal clients from their outback neighbors. With this solid understanding, our team has and continues to cultivate successful relationships with local businesses and industries.     

South Australia

Our knowledgeable team in South Australia has been servicing the local community and fostering growth. Each member of the team understands the intricacies of creating solid relationships with businesses and industries, in order to achieve the best possible solutions.

Western Australian

Community culture, Indigenous spirit and local presence are the core pillars that make up our Western Australian team. The team draw on their knowledge of the area, its people and its history while seeking support from local connections to cultivate meaningful relationships with clients.

Northern Territory

Valued for their regional knowledge and cultural awareness, our Northern Territory team draw on their local connections and community support to understand our client’s needs on a deeper level, building successful and long-term relationships. Our Darwin office is the hub of community involvement and indigenous engagement, focusing on local growth and economic development for the region.  


Our Tasmanian team leverage their size to foster unique one-on-one relationships with clients to not only assess and implement suitable solutions, but educate clients along the way.

Our approach

Our Holistic Approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients a holistic and seamless end-to-end service delivery experience. Our integrated service packages are built on individual requirements, budgets and business objectives. These are the foundations that cultivate our offerings, and when combined with our innovative and technologically advanced products, we can produce consistent, long-term and suitable solutions, every time.

Our Compliance and Licencing


Our Approach


We consider every employee as a unique individual, with a unique set of skills and experiences. We ensure our people are paired with tasks that match their strengths and interests, so that they can grow and thrive in their roles. We believe this is a fundamental aspect of great employee satisfaction and strong retention.

Ongoing Learning

It's our goal to ensure our people have the support they need to thrive, that’s why we invest in the skills and knowledge of every individual. Offering opportunities to grow through ongoing training and providing resources our people need for success are vital to our approach.


We are committed to providing all clients with the highest level of service and care, and we believe that our integrity and consistency in our approach are key to that success.

Can Do Attitude

We know that every business has different needs, and we are passionate about providing customised solutions for those needs through collaboration, critical thinking and a positive attitude.

Care & Trust

Having a strong relationship with our clients underpins everything we do, and we care about our clients as much as we care about finding their required solutions. The best way to prove this commitment is through action, so we give all clients an honest assessment of the environment, to help them make an informed and objective decision about the best solution.

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