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Micky Headshot
Managing Director

Micky Ahuja

A visionary leader with a powerful commitment to reshaping the security landscape and fostering inclusivity, Micky Ahuja is the driving force behind the inception and success of MA Services Group. 

Founded in 2011, Micky has infused the company with a customer-centric ethos that caters to the evolving needs of diverse modern businesses. As the owner and Managing Director, he has meticulously steered the organisation towards providing top-tier services while cultivating a culture that nurtures inclusivity and equality. 

His dedication  to service excellence and professional development is underpinned by his extensive and ongoing pursuit of knowledge, including the attainment of an Advanced Diploma of Integrated Risk Management, Diploma of Security and Risk Management, and a Certificate IV in Security Operations and Risk Management. 

Going beyond his role as an industry leader, Micky’s influence extends into the realms of entrepreneurial coaching and mental health advocacy. With a deeply help belief in living and loving one’s work, he has embraced a philosophy that inspires others to harness their passions. Micky’s dedication to empowering individuals to realise their potential underscores his multifaceted commitment to both professional advancement and personal well-being. 

Stella Headshot
Finance Manager

Stella Morabito

Stella commenced with MA Services Group in 2016 as Head of Finance. 

Stella has previously worked in the construction industry with 22 years of Head of Finance. She has had experience in many aspects of the business including client relationships, union bargaining and HR. 

With a Bachelor of Economics together with her knowledge and years of experience, Stella is able to bring a broader element to her role. 

Paul Headshot
General Manager Operations

Paul Maroun

Paul joined MA Services Group in October 2018 as NSW Operations Manager, then transitioning to the role of General Manager Operations in October of 2019. 

Bringing over 15 years of experience in security management, Paul is a valuable member to the team. His expertise empowers him to effectively lead MASG’s long-term operational excellence with deep knowledge and professionalism. 

Paul is exceptionally well-suited to drive effective change management, leveraging his exceptional stakeholder engagement skills to instil client confidence. With his extensive understanding of regulatory requirement pertaining to security operations, Paul is equipped to ensure compliance with all relevant laws across Australia and New Zealand.  

Mike Headshot
General Manager Facilities Management

Mike Giles

Mike joined MA Services Group in September 2022. A certified engineer and with 30 years in the facilities and management industry, Mike is a highly experienced and customer-focused professional and expertise across Healthcare, Aviation, Construction, and Government sectors. 

As MA Services Group’s General Manager -Facilities Manager, Mike oversees portfolios nationally, managing front of house operations for our clients who require strategic facilities and asset management services. 

Mike also has extensive and notable experience in managing large and complex accounts, transitioning multi-service, multi-site contracts, and implementing innovative systems. His success is based on relationship building, transparency, and a passion for client satisfaction. 

Greg Headshot Final (1)
General Manager Human Resources

Greg Lind

Greg is a 35-year old veteran of the Security industry, commencing in the 1980s as a security officer, progressing through the ranks for a period of 10 years, ultimately moving into management roles. 

For the past 25 years, Greg has worked in Operations Management, Business Development and as National General Manager. 

During the past 20 years, Greg alongside his other duties, has worked as an industrial advocate for his employers and brings his depth of knowledge and experience to his current role as General Manager HR for MA Services Group.

Natasha Headshot
Head of Marketing

Natasha Velkovski

Natasha joined MA Services Group in April 2023. With over 15 years of marketing experience across a range of industries, Natasha is an accomplished senior marketing professional who has experience in developing strategic marketing plans, re-branding organisations, optimising the customer journey and undertaking digital transformation projects. 

Before MA Services Group, Natasha led the marketing function for well-known brands such as Wilson Security, Melbourne Airport, Adidas and Middy’s Data & Electrical. 

Natasha has a bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology. 

Terri Headshot 2
National Bids Manager

Terri Cassar

Since joining in 2018, Terri has risen to the role of National Bids Manager, leveraging her diverse professional background to drive the company’s bid strategy forward. Terri’s extensive experience in sales, administration and finance, spanning other business domains, has been instrumental in shaping her multifaceted approach to bid management.

With three years deeply immersed in the intricacies of bid writing, Terri possesses a nuanced understanding of crafting compelling proposals. Her tenure within MA Services Group has provided invaluable insights into the company’s operations, allowing her to orchestrate bid strategies which seamlessly align with organisational objectives.

In her role as the National Bids Manager, Terri combines strategic foresight with hands-on leadership, cultivating collaborative environments which fuel innovation and inspire the team to deliver exceptional proposals.

Dee Headshot Updated
National Facilities Manager

Denise Hebaiter

With more than 29 years of experience, Denise is a highly experienced and customer-focused professional with expertise in Asset and Facility Management roles across corporate, retail, aviation, banking, construction, and Government sectors. 

As MASG’s National Facilities Manager, Denise oversees portfolios nationally and in NZ, managing front of house operations for Top Tier clients who require services in both soft and hard services. 

Denise also has extensive and notable experience in managing large and complex accounts, transitioning multi-service, multi-site contracts, and implementing innovative systems. With a Master’s Degree in Business Management and having to undergo various facility training, Denise utilises her extensive knowledge to effectively manage the operational aspects of her role as well as ensure all client expectations are met. 

Cam Headshot
National Retail Manager

Cameron Blair

Cameron has been in the field of Loss Prevention and investigating for 25 years. During these times, he has various roles within different retailers, including supermarkets and fashion departments. 

Cameron joined MA Services Group 5 years ago, when the retail covert division was seeking to build and grow to where it is now. 

Cameron values building and leading teams, as well as coming up with innovative solutions for clients. Cameron’s passion for his position as National Retail Manager is driven by both personal and professional fulfillment. 

Tania Headshot
National Workforce Planner

Tania Scholes

Tania joined MA Services Group in August 2022. With a passion of connecting people with employment opportunities, MA Services Group’s National Workforce Planner, Tania Scholes, is committed to increasing diversity within the workplace. 

Tania Utilises her extensive management experience in employment agencies. She has proven to be a valuable partner to employment services and community-based organisations throughout Australia, as well as being dedicated to creating effective pathways for disadvantaged jobseekers to re-enter the workforce. 

Dave Headshot
National Business Development Manager Aus/NZ

David Scholes

David joined MA Services Group in 2021 as National Workforce Planner, stepping into the National Business Development Manager in 2022. 

With 6+ years of experience as a Business Development Manager, David developed a strong reputation for driving impressive business growth for a wide range of companies – from small and medium size businesses to multi-national organisations. 

David uses his extensive knowledge, interpersonal skills, and strategic thinking to identify key areas for improvement within business strategy and develop innovative approaches to exceeding client expectations. 

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