Asset Maintenance

Your Asset Maintenance & Asset Management Partner.

Our Mission

To guide the operation and maintenance of buildings, precincts and critical infrastructure on behalf of clients.


National Presence, Local Service

Our Asset Maintenance Services expand across every State and Territory in the Country. We cater to clients within all industries, and of all sizes, ensuring they are all provided with the same first-class customer service.


Backed By Advanced, Real-Time Technology

Our systems ensure our clients are routinely updated on the performance of their assets.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Client Needs

We partner with clients to understand their maintenance needs and develop solutions that enhance their understanding of their assets.

Trusted by clients across various industries

Our expertise is sought-after in the retail, logistics, healthcare and federal government sectors as well as many other. This diversity reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and organisations.

Our Expertise

Our Comprehensive Asset Maintenance Services

Our partnership with clients is based on the foundation of full transparency across operations and costs.

Our Asset Maintenance Services Include:

Our Electrical Services include the full manufacturer & compliance requirements for all maintenance of electrical assets. This includes but is not limited to main and distribution switchboards, testing & tagging of portable electrical equipment, and general power such as power points & lighting. Additionally, we provide all essential services compliance requirements, such as generators, emergency and exit lighting, lift monitoring and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

Our Electricians are fully trained and are licenced accordingly to the equipment they are qualified to work on, along with specific State/Territory registration requirements.

We provide a full suite of maintenance for mechanical assets such as chillers, boilers, air handling units, split systems and more. We also provide Building Management Services that support these systems, and additionally, perform air monitoring testing and commissioning that conforms with each State and Territory’s requirements. This service can then be modified to suit specific industries.

Our Hydraulic Maintenance Services include all routine maintenance requirements on plumbing assets such as boilers, general plumbing (toilets, sinks etc) and compliance testing on backflow prevention devices in a commercial setting.

We provide General Maintenance Services to grounds and carparks. This includes line marking, general lighting, and security systems. Additionally, we can provide clients with general cleaning services that include waste management and gardening services.

As fire & life safety in all buildings are heavily regulated, we provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring a building owner’s assets conform and are certified in accordance with the Buildings Occupancy Certificate.

Our Fire & Life Safety Maintenance Services includes the provision of services to all fire systems such as fire panels, communication systems, sprinkler and hydrant systems and annual essential services that report to the requirements of each State and Territory.

We provide solutions to support the management, control and cloud-based storage of critical and compliance documentation. This includes built drawings, maintenance services reports, compliance reporting and library structures. These solutions aim to support accreditation requirements for client service delivery.

Our Expertise

Advanced Technology Updating Clients on the Performance of their Assets

Our Approach to a Seamless Asset Maintenance Service Delivery

Comprehensive Asset Maintenance Solutions

MA Asset Maintenance provides comprehensive FM solutions for all business types, adapting to the specific works environment and operating to the applicable codes and practices required for each building type and class. Our commitment to service excellence is founded on the transparent partnership with our clients which is the bedrock of a successful relationship.

Our systems and processes are developed with the flexibility to adjust to our client’s specific requirements and the long-term commitments to maintenance services are managed through our operational and financial models that provide you with the peace of mind that your assets are in good hands.

24/7 Support
Our Client Managers will always be available to assist and guide clients to better understand their assets and are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure an exceptionally well-managed service is being provided.

We partner with our clients to understand their specific maintenance needs and develop solutions that provide our clients with comprehensive management of operational and capital plans that enhance our clients understanding of their assets.