Employee Wellness

Good People, Good Work – With people as the cornerstone of our business, this is a concept we value enormously. We understand that the health and well-being of our people have a direct impact on their behaviour, engagement, performance and the overall company culture, so every day, we implement strategies that aim to increase employee moral and wellness.   


Advocates for Positive Mental Health

We have always advocated positive mental health and mental health support within our company.

We strongly value initiatives like R U OK Day and World Mental Health Day, as they encourage all employees to start the conversation, listen without judgement, encourage action and follow up – ultimately promoting a sense of belongingness and nurturing a cohesive working environment.

Our promise to our employees is to maintain and encourage a culture which supports mental health awareness in our workplace, we want everyone to feel connected and supported throughout life’s challenging situations.


Our Employee Wellness Initiatives

Employee Assistance Program

We provide access to voluntary and confidential counselling conducted by qualified psychologists and can address personal and work-related issues. The program is available for all staff members and their immediate families. With an aim to lessen the financial burden in already difficult situations, we have designed the program so that all sessions are free-of-charge.

Employee Wellness Newsletter

Our people are at the heart of our business and as such, it is paramount that we look after them, both mentally and physically. We encourage a culture of wellness within our organisation through a monthly wellness newsletter that educates employees on facts, healthy recipes, workouts and advice that improves overall physical and mental health.

Recognition and Reward Program

Recognising the good work our people do daily, not only within our compnany, but on our social media chanels, drives employee morale and fuels positive company culture.

By taking this initiative, we can build on the experience and expertise of our people, so that as our company grows, they can too.