Commercial Cleaning

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Our Mission

To provide a professional, efficient and reliable cleaning service, and work together with our clients to create unique solutions tailored to their environment and needs.


National Presence, Local Service

Our Commercial Services expand across the country, and we service clients within all industries, and of all sizes, ensuring all are provided with the same first-class customer service.


Our Commitment to a Better Future

We ensure our cleaning solutions are accompanied by non-toxic cleaning products and environmentally friendly practices.


Solutions to Meet Client Needs

We offer a full range of Commercial Cleaning Services to various buildings, such as offices, educational buildings, hospitality businesses, and retail businesses across Australia.


Trusted by clients across various industries

Our expertise is sought-after in the retail, logistics, healthcare and federal government sectors as well as many other. This diversity reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and organisations.

About Our Expertise

Our Cleaning Services

We are proud to provide a full range of commercial deep-cleaning services to various industries across Australia. From offices and commercial to retail and hospitality cleaning, our team have the experience and specialised skills to effectively and efficiently clean any business premises.

This includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing, window cleaning and wiping surfaces in the following spaces:

  • Office Spaces – Boardrooms, Workspaces
  • Restrooms
  • Pantries and breakout areas
  • Lobbies
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Staircases & emergency exit routes
  • Car Parks

Deep commercial cleaning is most commonly done during the first visit to a corporate site as it can then be used as a baseline for future cleaning. Additionally, a business can also request a deep cleaning to ensure that the spaces are as hygienic as possible.

Deep Commercial Cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming all carpets thoroughly (moving furniture if necessary)
  • Detailed mopping and scrubbing of all floors
  • Cleaning light switches, fixtures, and door handles
  • Vacuuming drapes, blinds, windowsills, etc
  • Emptying and cleaning inside cabinets
  • Cleaning inside appliances (microwave, fridge, etc.)
  • Comprehensive bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Sanitizing computer keyboards & screens
  • Dusting vents, baseboards, ledges, etc
  • Sanitising all surfaces with effective green cleaning agents

Our team is qualified to deliver specialist healthcare cleaning to the highest standards required by healthcare facilities. 

We can provide extensive cleaning to theatres, ICU units, patient areas, toilets, kitchens & administrative offices and waiting areas in a clinic. We provide specialised environmentally friendly cleaning agents and personal protective equipment to our team to ensure their safety.

Our Residential Cleaning Services range from a common weekly routine clean which can include wiping windows and mirrors, vacuuming carpets and rugs, cleaning the kitchen – taking out the trash and wiping surfaces, sweeping, cleaning, or mopping floors and more, to a deeper residential clean and move in/out clean.

Our hotel housekeeping services can include:

  • Stripping the Room
  • Cleaning the Bathroom
  • Dusting the Room
  • Finishing Touches and Supervising
  • Window and Glass Washing

Our hospitality cleaning solutions include:

  • Daily routine cleaning – all areas
  • Kitchen & food prep areas
  • Window, carpet & upholstery cleaning
  • COVID-19 disinfection cleaning
  • Post-event cleaning
  • Non-slip & stripping and sealing of floors
  • Toilets & amenities
  • Pressure washing

Our Specialised Periodical Cleaning Services Include:

  • Strip And Seal
  • Floor Buffing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Floor Polishing
  • External Façade Cleaning
  • High Cleans
  • Steam Cleaning
  • CCTV Camera Cleans
  • Fleet Vehicle Cleaning
  • COVID-19 Cleaning

Benefits of our Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Every commercial establishment needs to be safe and sanitary for its visitors, clients and workers. Some benefits of our solutions include:

Increases Employee Productivity

A clean and tidy workspace increases employee satisfaction and thus increases productivity.

Prevents Spread of Disease & Frequent Sick Leaves

Germs can spread in the office through high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, desks, and keyboards. If these areas are not cleaned and disinfected regularly, diseases may easily spread among the employees and therefore affect their health and attendance record.

Clean and Professional-Looking Office

The state of a workplace tells a potential customer a lot about a business, its image, and how the company values its employees. If an establishment is regularly cleaned it’s more likely to promote a positive company culture.


Committed to a sustainable tomorrow

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We have implemented innovative methods to achieve the same outstanding results in a more sustainable manner.

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We have implemented technologies like the microfiber cleaning system to reduce disposal and water consumption.

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Extending the lifespan of packaging reduces the need for new materials, further lowering our carbon footprint.