Drone Security

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Drone Security offers a flexible and effective approach for monitoring and analysing extensive areas in addressing security threats and breaches. Drone security technology enables a proactive means of monitoring and reporting intrusions without raising any alarms. Drones can be readily dispatched to survey an area and relay findings to the pilot, providing operators with real-time access to live camera and thermal feeds.

drone security


Drone security services offer a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your property, people and assets by:

  • Remotely deploying and managing fleet operations to analyse and secure an area using 24/7 drones.
  • Efficiently monitoring vast areas to detect unusual objects that humans may miss
  • Immediate visual access to hard-to-reach locations and blind spots
  • Tracking intruders in real-time through a live video feed accessible to operators remotely, providing a complete understanding of potential risks and threats.
  • Instantly responding to alarm and event activations by executing programmed risk-management procedures and security protocols with our drones.

Benefits of Drone Security

Secure Sites

Drone pilots can conduct sporadic patrols 24/7, deterring and identifying trespassers and ultimately decreasing expenses related to theft and vandalism.

Reduces Time

Drones swiftly monitor expansive areas, including area that are inaccessible or too hazardous for conventional patrols.

Enhances Situational Awareness

Drones contribute to heightened safety by improving oversight and enabling remote or on-site monitoring through thermal imaging, thus enhancing overall situational awareness.

Asset Management

Drones can capture aerial images of assets both prior to and after tenancy occupancy. Storing the footage during this period will reduce paperwork and save time significantly.

Fire Management

receiving early alerts about approaching fires for asset protection can be challenging. In critical situations, our drones swiftly and remotely capture crucial details such as the distance, breadth, path, and velocity of the impending fire, aiding in timely response.

Cost Reduction

Drones capture high-quality images and video footage of extensive areas, thereby reducing the necessity for numerous on-site security officers to safeguard a site or property. This ensures comprehensive security monitoring at a significantly reduced cost.

Our Services

Tactical Surveillance

Deterrence, Detection, Response, Decision-making by one of our trained specialist that partners with a <2kg drone for immediate flight.

Vehicle Mounted Drones

Taking your patrol and response services to another level with vehicle mounted drones

Autonomous Drones

Autonomous Drone technology, with scheduled and approved runs beyond line of sight.


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