MA Services Group Successfully Transitions genU Nationwide with Comprehensive Security Services

MA Services Group, a leading provider of integrated service solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has successfully transitioned genU, a not-for-profit organisation with a 70+ year history in delivery disability, ageing, training and employment services , to a nationwide security program encompassing all types of security services.

This significant achievement marks a major milestone in MA Services Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional security solutions to organisations across Australia. The successful transition involved the implementation of a tailored security program that addresses genU’s unique needs, ensuring the safety and well-being of its clients, staff, and assets across the country.

MA Services Group’s comprehensive security services for genU include:

  • Static guarding and mobile patrols
  • Electronic security systems, including CCTV, access control, and alarm monitoring
  • Risk management and threat assessment
  • Emergency response and crisis management
  • Training and compliance programs

The transition was completed in a timely and efficient manner, with minimal disruption to genU’s operations. MA Services Group’s dedicated team worked closely with genU’s management to ensure a seamless integration of security services, meeting the organization’s specific requirements and exceeding expectations.

“We are delighted to have successfully transitioned genU to a nationwide security program, demonstrating our capabilities in delivering complex security solutions,” said Micky Ahuja, Managing Director of MA Services Group. “Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that genU’s security needs are met, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with this esteemed organisation.”

genU, is a leading disability and aged care services organisation that supports individuals with disabilities, older Australians, and their families . With a strong presence across Australia, genU helps people of all ages and abilities to find jobs, homes, training, support and assistance to lead a fulfilling life, based on their individual circumstances and needs.

MA Services Group’s partnership with genU underscores its commitment to providing exceptional security services to organisations that make a positive impact in the community. With this successful transition, MA Services Group reaffirms its position as a trusted security solutions provider, capable of delivering tailored services that meet the unique needs of its clients.