NT Chief Minister Commends MASG Security Officers for Heroic Efforts During Cyclone Megan

During a recent site visit, Northern Territory Chief Minister Eva Lawler expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional work of our Security Officers. Their unwavering dedication ensured the safety and security of remote Indigenous communities evacuated and transferred to safe community spaces during the devastating Cyclone Megan.

Cyclone Megan brought torrential rains and scorching heat, tested the limits of all involved in the rescue operations. Our MASG security officers stood resolute, demonstrating remarkable perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Their efforts were instrumental in safeguarding vulnerable populations during this critical period.

Our security officers worked tirelessly around the clock, navigating through hazardous conditions to provide essential support. Their roles included assisting in the evacuation process, ensuring orderly transfers to safe community spaces, and maintaining a secure environment throughout the ordeal. Their actions not only protected lives but also provided much-needed reassurance to those affected by the cyclone.

Mukul Saini, National Operations Manager (Security), expressed his pride in the team’s performance. “Our officers displayed extraordinary courage and professionalism during Cyclone Megan. They faced the elements head-on and never wavered in their commitment to protect and serve. We are immensely proud of their dedication and the positive impact they made during such a challenging time.”

The efforts of MASG officers were also recognized by community leaders and residents who benefitted from their unwavering support. Many shared stories of the officers’ kindness, resourcefulness, and tireless work ethic, highlighting the vital role they played in the rescue operations.

Well done to our team, we are honoured to have such outstanding individuals as part of our team.