MASG Team participates in annual Angela Taylor Memorial Run/Walk

Yesterday the MASG Team participated in the annual Angela Taylor Memorial Run/Walk at Albert Park.

Initiated in 1989, this event stands as a poignant tribute to Constable Angela Rose Taylor, whose unwavering dedication to service led her to the ultimate sacrifice. On Thursday, March 27, 1986, Angela took the full force of a car bomb explosion just outside the police complex in Russell Street, Melbourne.

Angela exemplified the essence of community service, a spirit that resonates through the ongoing commitment of our police and emergency services. The Angela Taylor Memorial Run/Walk remains a testament to her memory and the enduring legacy of all Victoria Police members who have given their lives in the line of duty, safeguarding and serving our community.

Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation continues to uphold this noble cause, ensuring that the sacrifices made by these brave individuals are never forgotten.