How to Secure your Business through Mobile Patrol Security?

We are moving ahead from a year full of loss, pain, suffering, and so much worse to a new year full of hope! We, as humans, have shown tremendous resistance in front of the worst challenges thrown at us. As businesses try to bounce back after multiple lockdowns due to COVID-19, there may be some who may have to wait a little longer than others. It could be because of their location, industry or operating hours. Such businesses face a lot of security issues which include:

  • Deliberately damaging property
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary, to name a few.

An effective way to respond to such threats is by hiring a Security company that provides Mobile Patrol Solutions. MA Services Group is a decade old company specializing in offering a range of cost-effective security solutions. Here are some ways through which our Mobile Patrol Solutions will help you protect your business:

Alarm Response

Once an alarm is triggered, our mobile patrols check the cause. Our control room staff keeps monitoring your property, day and night. We also generate incident reports for you to review.


We follow a systematic process when it comes to mobile patrolling. Our mobile patrol staff conducts patrols in and around your property based on your business working hours. In the prevailing COVID-19 situation patrolling is even more required as a lot of businesses are shut down. Mobile patrols serve as a deterrent against intruders trying to cause harm to your business.

To effectively manage a threat, our mobile patrol staff take feedback from visitors. Monitoring a property’s surroundings helps us keep your company and its people safe.

Stop Trespassing

Trespassing is a common occurrence, especially when you don’t have a professional security service provider to manage your property’s security. Our patrol staff are assertive and not intimidating. They are well-trained to stop a trespasser.

Other Services

We provide a range of other services to our clients based on their requirement. For instance, we can have our patrol staff check your company’s property to ensure all your employees have left the building. Our patrol staff can identify any damage within and outside the building property and report it to the concerned person. We also provide lock and unlock services to our clients from various industries.

MASG Services Group has been providing security services for over two decades successfully. We work closely with our clients to tailor the best solution to their requirements and pride ourselves on delivering a service that exceeds expectations.

If you are interested to learn how MA Services Group could benefit your company, why not call the team on 1300 020 406. We look forward to hearing from you.