MA Services Group offers commercial security services to its wide range of customers from different industries. We serve the customer of all sizes, from a small retail shop in your locality to multibillion-dollar global companies. We provide our services across Australia and we have our corporate office in Melbourne, Victoria. Our office locations are in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Service

Hiring a commercial security services company for your business gives you peace of mind. Your employees and customers feel safe and protected. Having security personnel around shows them that you are concerned about the well-being and safety. It puts you in control of unforeseen circumstances related to safety that might occur in near future.

Additional Benefits:

  • Responsible security personnel looking out for the well-being of employees, and customers
  • Always looking for any signs of suspicious activity or threats
  • Risk assessment based on both Internal as well as External factors
  • Builds a positive brand reputation in the minds of your stakeholders.


Why Choose MA Services Group?

In today’s world, it becomes imperative for businesses to protect their business from not just organized crime but also any such prevalent situation which might put the lives of their employees or customers at risk. For us, providing Security is not just a service but outcomes that our clients endeavour to deliver to their end-users, stakeholders, employees, and customers!

  • License: MA Services group is an Insured and Licensed Integrated Solutions Company having rich experience in the commercial security services domain. We have built a reputation in the industry for being one of the most sought-after commercial security firm in Australia. Our Security Personnel are hired and trained by industry experts based on a range of carefully crafted competencies.
  • Background Check: Every new hire goes through a rigorous hiring process which includes police verification, background check, language and general literacy, and aptitude tests. We are passionate about meeting and exceeding needs and we take great pride in harnessing a team environment to promote productivity and accountability.
  • Our personnel take ownership of their responsibilities and work together to become a part of the delivery of your event, function.
  • Our philosophy for success is dependent on the success of our clients: we work together, we succeed together.

Our Services includes:

We provide a range of different services and skillsets to our event/venue clientele, including the following:

High-Risk Crowd Management– We ensure to reduce the risk of your event by applying the right strategies and manage the high-risk crowd.

Major Event Security Our Team provides comprehensive security services for any major events by ensuring the safety of your guests and staff.

Traffic Management- We have a team of well-trained security personnel to manage the traffic flow of your business.

Risk Assessments- We specialize in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensure the safety of your property.

Risk Assessments- We specialize in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensure the safety of your property.

Covert Operatives- Our highly trained personnel covertly operate to protect your business from any potential harm.

Intelligence Analysts- Our Intelligence Analysts are fully equipped to get the required information about the threat to your organization.

Merchandise Protection Support Responsibilities- We have highly skilled security personnel to support and protect your businesses merchandise.

Mobile Patrol ServicesPatrolling Services personnel respond to alarm response and threat based on surveillance for better protection.

Control Room Operators– We have the best control room operators to monitor alarms and other security-related activity

Alarm Response– Our Security Personnel is proficient in responding to alarm responses.

Static and Roving Guards- We provide both Static and Roving Guards who are highly mobile and trained for your business.

Currently servicing a broad range of clientele across Australia, including national and international brands, we are proud of our record of delivering successful outcomes while maintaining a high standard of service that safeguards our client’s brand and reputation.

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