Corporate Concierge Services

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Our Mission

To provide a service that not only offers security but also assists with the back-end running of a business.


National Presence, Local Service

Our Concierge Services expand across every State and Territory in the Country, catering to clients within all industries, and of all sizes, ensuring they are all provided with the same first-class customer service.

Trained Concierge Security Officers

Our guards are trained to an exceptionally high standard and are well-equipped to provide many benefits to your business, making them ideal security guards for your company.

Trusted by clients across various industries

Our expertise is sought-after in the retail, logistics, healthcare and federal government sectors as well as many other. This diversity reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and organisations.

Our Expertise

Our Corporate Concierge services

Well-equipped and multi-faceted staff provide many benefits to a business, duties maintained by a Corporate Concierge Officer may include:

  • Mail, Phone Call, Reception and Email Management.
  • Tenant and Visitor Requests Relating to Access For Meetings/Training Rooms, Access cards.
  • Conduct Foyer Inspections and Ensure OHS & WHS Guidelines In place.
  • Arrange All Tenant Related Staffing and Visitor Requests
  • Meeting & Event Management
  • Dry Cleaning Management
  • Dining and Outdoor Activity Recommendations and Bookings.
  • Contractor Management- Supplies Ordering – eg Fruit Basket, Newspaper, Gifts etc.
  • Directional Guidance – EOT, Building Amenities.
  • Handle Tenant and Visitor Complaints.
  • Visitor Management
  • Reservations and Ticket Management
  • Transportation

Our Service Delivery Offering Assists in a Positive Customer Experience

Multi-faceted Individuals

Duties might include

  • Meeting and greeting clients and visitors
  • Answering company phones
  • Receiving deliveries and packages at the front desk
  • Control and regulation of visitor parking
  • Keeping a daily incident report
  • Assisting contractors and other tradespeople
  • Carrying out fire drills as instructed and maintaining evacuation procedures
  • Regular patrols of parking and common areas
  • In the case of residential buildings -supervising move-in’s and move-out’s
  • Control of building access