Could Your Business Benefit From Mobile Security Patrols?

If you’re looking for ways to keep your premises secure then there are a number of choices open to you. Mobile patrols are one of the most popular and common options. Let’s take a look at how mobile patrols work and of what benefit they are to the modern business.

So what are mobile security patrols?

As suggested by the name, security patrol offices patrol the business premises in liveried vehicles which also act as a strong visual deterrent to any unauthorised personnel on the site. Generally these internal or external patrols are carried out at random times so that anyone watching can’t detect a specific pattern or routine and they offer a cost effective alternative to full time security staff.

What checks are carried out?

Depending on customer requirements mobile patrol offices can cover a wide variety of tasks. As a rule of thumb the main task is to ensure the premises are totally secure and there are no breaches of security. However, some officers may be asked to do tasks such as saving electricity by switching off lights, making sure that desks are left clear, that meeting rooms have been prepared, and reporting any potential hazards and defects in order to maintain health and safety standards.

Benefits to the client

There are several benefits to be had from hiring a mobile security patrol.

  1. Firstly, it makes sure the premises are kept safe and secure. This is of particular financial significance since a breach in which valuable technological equipment and data is stolen, could result in the loss of thousands of dollars which to small company could be devastating. 
  2. A mobile patrol also gives peace of mind to employees who wish to feel secure in their working environment. This is particularly important for companies who operate a 24 hour, 7 days a week working shift pattern. 
  3. Mobile patrols may also act as a deterrent for any would be criminals since they are more likely to target an office without any visible security. 
  4. Mobile security patrols are a good choice for larger premises since they can cover a wider area than stationary security guards. However, for many companies CCTV still remains a great overall investment.

How can I book a mobile security patrol?

It’s easy to book an experienced and knowledgeable mobile security patrol by giving MA Services Group a call on 03 9994 4107. We’ll be happy to work with you to devise internal and external routes which will act as an effective deterrent. Our officers will scan wand points at agreed inspection points so that you can be emailed a copy of each patrol, the name of the officer carrying out the patrol, and anything untoward to be reported. Our vehicles are also fitted with satellite tracking systems to enhance our first class service.

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