The Advantages Of Mobile Patrols vs Static Guarding

Mobile patrols are a much underused physical method of security but one that can greatly enhance protection of your premises, property, or business. In fact they have a wide number of advantages over other forms of security such as static guarding; So let’s take a closer look…

Mobile patrols can cover ground quickly

Used in conjunction with other forms of security, mobile patrols offer customers an effective and immediate response. If and when an alarm is raised, roving patrols can get to the scene of the event quickly, giving the perpetrators less time to escape. In addition if your business premises is spread out over a wide area such as a farm or large-scale construction area, then mobile patrols have the ability to cover the whole area fast.

Mobile Patrol Cars

Mobile patrols can carry out a wide range of checks

While other security practices such as static guarding will deal with security checking inside the confines of a premises, mobile patrols can carry out a wider range of external checks. This is great for places that won’t necessarily be picked up by CCTV, such as checking for signs of forced entry on    perimeter fencing, checking for signs of graffiti or vandalism, or looking out for any suspicious activity within the vicinity of the premises.

Mobile patrols create a level of uncertainty for criminals

Perhaps the biggest advantage of mobile patrols over static guarding that they create a level of uncertainty for any criminal looking to commit an offence. Even for the most persistent of criminals who aren’t put off by the presence of static guards, they may think twice about burglary on a premises with a visible mobile patrol. Because of the random nature of the patrol, the perpetrator will never know how often the patrol occurs and more importantly, where they’re going to be at any given time. The ability to chop and change routes and the frequency of those routes is perhaps one of the biggest pluses.

Mobile patrols are cost effective

If you feel that you need security to protect your property, premises, or business but are on a tight budget then in this respect mobile patrols offer a cost effective solution. Unlike on-site static guards who are paid to be there for the duration of their shift, mobile patrol companies will only charge you for the time they spend patrolling your premises. The frequency of how often they do this is up to the customer and of course their budget. As some security presence is better than no security at all, mobile patrols offer an affordable way for businesses to garner some level of physical security protection.

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