Does My Event Really Warrant Hiring Security Guards?

When we think of event
security we inevitably imagine hoards of revellers looking to have a
great time at a music festival while dozens of security personnel
stand by to make sure that the event goes as smoothly as possible.
However what about smaller gatherings and events? Do they really
necessitate the use of trained security?

The main question that
any event planner needs to ask is “Are
there any potential risks that I might need to control?”

If the answer is yes, then you might want to strongly consider
calling in the pros. Even events such as weddings can benefit from
inconspicuous security guards who are available to tackle factors
such as uninvited guests (gatecrashers), excessive alcohol
consumption, and general rowdiness should things get out of hand.
While it’s easy to think that factors such as these are highly
unlikely to take place, the point is that by covering all the bases,
event planners and organisers have total peace-of-mind. This means
that they can devote their time to making sure that their guests have
a good time rather than having to worry about (and personally deal
with) any security problems that might occur.

What about cost?

While it’s true that
the cost of hiring a security guard is another added expense, it
could be a mere pittance compared to the cost of your reputation due
to a disastrous event, the cost of a law suit because someone got
injured, or the cost of damaged property due to fighting or drunken
behaviour. In truth the cost should be weighed up carefully against
the type of event and the amount and type of people in attendance.
You may even end up asking yourself “Can I afford NOT to
hire a security guard for my event?”

What if I don’t want
to make it obvious that I have security guards present?

The good news is that
professional security guards don’t have to be stood on the door in
full uniform so that they stand out right away. On the contrary, if
it’s a type of event such as a wedding or a conference, then highly
skilled security guards are trained to blend in with your guests and
act discreetly In fact, in many cases, guests don’t even know they’re

If you’re considering
hiring security for your event however small, or alternatively aren’t
entirely sure whether you need security, then talk to MA Services
Group. As well as providing large scale security for many popular
festivals and events throughout Victoria we also provide security for
small parties or gatherings. Contact us today on 1300 020 406
and talk to our experienced team who can help. Alternatively if you
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