How To Improve Your Perimeter Security Using 4 Simple Steps

Whether you’re a
business or a homeowner you probably have certain valuable assets
inside your property that you want to keep safe. While it’s obvious
to turn your attentions to the security of the valuables or
equipment themselves, many businesses or homeowners tend to forget
about the perimeter areas of their premises which are often left

The sad fact is that
most people only find out that this is an issue when their premises
has been broken into and their valuables/machinery or equipment have
been stolen. With this in mind, what steps can you take to ‘beef up’
your perimeter security so that it isn’t an open invitation for any
passing criminal to take a closer look?

Improve perimeter

Criminals love blind
spots. What better way to be able to carry out their activity without
fear of being spotted than a badly lit corner or dense undergrowth
for cover. With this in mind, take a walk round your business
property or premises and see if there are any blind spots or dark
areas. If there are, you may want to install some perimeter lighting
or motion sensors to illuminate those naturally dark corner or areas.
In addition you might also want to trim back any dense undergrowth.
Aside from looking more aesthetically pleasing, it will no longer
provide sufficient cover for any opportunist thief looking to steal
from you.

Check existing
perimeter security

As you do a walk round,
you might want to check the state of existing perimeter security.
This being the case you should be looking out for broken or damaged
fence panelling, any obvious holes in wire fencing, and/or any
obvious burrows or holes underneath your fencing, either from a dog
or rabbits. Look to replace sections of your broken fencing and/or
fill in any obvious holes.

Install surveillance

It doesn’t have to be
start-of-the-art expensive equipment and even a simple static CCTV
camera pinpointed on one area may suffice. You might also want to put
up signage warning those who intend to steal that security cameras
are in operation. Okay so CCTV won’t stop the most determined of
thieves, however along with any accompanying warning signage, it can
be a great deterrent for any passing thieve looking for an easy

Don’t leave your
valuables on display

Okay so this isn’t
strictly about perimeter security per se, but many thefts from
business premises and residential properties occur on the spur of the
moment, normally when the thief in question sees something that
catches their eye. With this in mind, it’s always best not to leave
any valuables on display. For instance if you run a construction
company, don’t leave your machinery in full view of passers by.
Alternatively if you own a scrap yard, lock valuable metals like
copper away.

If you’re concerned
about your perimeter security or your overall security in general
then talk to MA Security about getting a security risk assessment.
We’ve been in the industry for many years and have the experience to
suggest ways to make your premises safer and more secure, giving you
better peace-of-mind. To find out more contact us on 1300 020

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