5 Powerful Reasons Why You Might Want To Hire A School Security Guards

Let’s face it, the
decision to place security guards in 54 schools across Australia in
2015 wasn’t a decision that was taken likely. However given the spate
of lone wolf shootings and racist attacks that are being carried out
throughout the world it was understandable. While some believe it to
be an invasive action, others feel that it’s a necessary step given
the society in which we now live. So if you’re considering placing
security guards into your school, here are 5 powerful reasons that
may help you to make up your mind.

Acts as a deterrent

The vast majority of
attacks on schools are planned and they’re not usually opportunist
actions. For this reason a security guard can be seen as a visual
deterrent to anyone looking to cause damage to school property or
cause harm to the teachers and children contained within.

Ultimately children
feel safer

You might feel that by
placing security guards in schools it’s an over-reaction to a problem
that happens very rarely in Australia, However rarely or not, is it a
risk worth taking? The feedback from the 54 schools that already
employ security guards across the country is that rather than
deploying scaremonger tactics on innocent children, the kids on the
whole feel a lot safer when they know that they have a security

Cost effective
utilisation of resources

If you’re under the
impression that you can’t justify spending money on a full time
security guard at your school then this is understandable. However a
trained security guard can also perform other duties such as serving
as traffic guards outside the school gates, curtailing misbehaviour
in students and, in the case of a concierge security guard, can even
double as a receptionist by answering calls, taking in parcels, and
meeting and greeting visitors. All of these roles can take the
pressure of an already strained education budget and overworked

No need to wait for
government intervention

If the experiment to
place security guards in 54 schools across Australia pays dividends
then it could be rolled out nationally. While that might not be a bad
thing you might argue that it’s better to take action now as opposed
to being forced to do so later on down the line. At least this way,
you’re the one in control and not the government.

Can’t put a price on

There’s clearly a fine
line between justification of expenditure and not doing enough to
protect the people and children within your school. Paying to hire a
security guard is more than just an added cost. Instead if you hire
an experienced security guard with the right training you can feel
safe in the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to offer
protection, giving you peace-of-mind.


If you’re considering
hiring a security guard for your school but would like to find out
more information then come and talk to MA Services Group. We’ve been
in the security industry for many years and pride ourselves on
providing the highest quality security guards for individuals,
businesses, local governments and their facilities. Contact us on
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