The Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Their Security

Most businesses today,
whether they’re large scale enterprises, mid market, or small
businesses need some type of security. The issue is that despite
advances in security prevention technology, physical theft and cyber
theft are on the rise. With this in mind, here are the top 5 mistakes
businesses make with their security and what companies can do to
prevent them.

Mistake #1 –
Thinking that their business is too small to be a targe

The ‘it
won’t happen to me
‘ syndrome is one of the biggest
mistakes that companies can make about their security. The fact is
that both virtual criminals and physical criminals are targeting
smaller companies because they know that many of them are soft
targets. By taking security seriously and initiating even the most
basic of measures could ensure that you don’t become part of the

Mistake #2 – Not
Understanding The threats

While ignorance is no
excuse many companies don’t have a handle on what any possible
threats are and where they’re likely to come from. For this reason
they might invest heavily in the latest CCTV/alarm security system,
but might not operate any type of cyber security policy, making it
open season for cyber criminals. By having a security risk assessment
problem areas can be highlighted and security tightened in this area.

Mistake #3 – Not
making employees aware

Security only works
when everyone is on board. You might for example have a pretty good
handle on business security but if your members of staff don’t then
it becomes a futile exercise. For his reason managers need to conduct
regular security training sessions to spread the word and in addition
encourage and reward ideas on how security could be tightened.

Mistake #4 – Not
conducting background checks

Did you know that one
of the biggest causes of company theft is through light-fingered
employees. A good way to make sure that any employees can be trusted
is to run background checks before hiring. Surprisingly, according to
a survey, only 1 in 3 companies actually do this. The other two
thirds prefer to take a prospect’s CV at face value. Employee theft
cost Australian businesses a little under $2 billion last year, so
running proficient background checks could be imperative to your long
term business prospects.

Mistake #5 – Not
using a verified alarm system

While premises alarm
systems will act as some kind of a deterrent, they’re far more
efficient when they’re verified. Verified systems ensure that when an
alarm is raised they’re picked up by an integrated monitoring
station. Who then either contacts the police immediately or who will
respond themselves. Verified systems that get a police response are 5
times more efficient than those that don’t, so if you are using an
alarm system, make sure it’s a verified one.

If you need help with
your business security, contact us today for a security assessment.
We can highlight problem areas including physical and cyber security
and make suggestions so that you can put things right. To book yours
call MA Security today on 1300 020 406 and take the
first steps towards protecting your business and your assets.    

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