So What Does A Crowd Controller Really Do?

It’s easy to think of a crowd controller as an easy job. After all, they get to see some of the best events and concerts around (for free) right? While this can indeed be considered a ‘perk of the job’ the reality is that a crowd controller is an integral part of the whole security process. In fact without them, the event, festival, or concert could go horribly wrong. So with this in mind, what does a crowd controller really do? Let’s take a closer look.

Areas of operation

Firstly as the name suggests crowd controllers tend to work in areas where there are large amounts of congregating people. These include stadiums, sporting events, large scale music festivals, rallies and public speeches. Their main responsibility, therefore, is to make sure that the crowd remains peaceful and those within it, safe. Usually, this means simply keeping a close look-out for any signs of impending trouble, but it can also mean keeping a close eye on any potential criminal activity such as pick-pocketers and drug pedallers.


Much of a crowd controller’s daily work involves monitoring. It could be that they’re stationed by any of the exit and entry points located around the area and are keeping a close eye out to make sure that the crowds are being able to move relatively freely so as to avoid bottlenecks. Alternatively, they could also be positioned close to the stage or platform area where the event is taking place and are keeping a lookout for those trying to enter the stage area when not permitted. Either way, they need to be prepared to act should something occur.

Point of contact

Another duty of a crowd controller might be as a point of contact should anyone need to seek help, or have any issues. It could be that the controller can’t deal with the problem directly but they’ll be in direct contact with someone via radio who can. Whether it’s a medical emergency or alternatively someone who’s had their possessions stolen, the crowd controller should be able to call upon the right services who can then deal with the situation.

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