Why Hiring An Unqualified Security Guard Might Do Your Business More Harm Than Good

If you’re looking to outsource your security, or even hire a security guard full time you’ll soon discover that it’s false economy to hire a person that doesn’t have the relevant qualifications in order to save yourself a few cents. However you look at it, a security guard is in a position of much responsibility and if they’re not up to the task in hand, it can put your business and worse still your employees at risk.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you operate a large department store and one of your customers finds that their purse is missing when she goes to pay at the till. The shop assistant calls over the store security guard and the customer explains the situation. The customer strongly suspects that it was a couple of suspicious looking teenagers who were loitering close by. Instead of following up on the customer’s suspicions, the security guard suggests that she probably dropped it on the floor and dismisses the idea completely. During this time the possible thieves have beat a hasty retreat making it very unlikely that the woman will ever get her purse back. Instead she leaves feeling let down and very angry.

Over the next few days the woman proceeds to make her grievances known by talking to friends, airing the issue on social media, and even talking to the local press about the incident. Suddenly the good reputation of the company is dealt a hefty blow, and worse still, as media attention gathers it’s an unwanted problem that isn’t going to go away.

Unfortunately this type of incident is all too common when untrained security personnel are hired. The whole purpose of hiring a security guard in the first instance is so that customers or guests can feel safe and relaxed. All it takes for one incident to be handled the wrong way and it can cost you and your business plenty.

So how can it be avoided?

In essence, it’s all about doing your homework. Whether you are looking for security at a one-off event or something more permanent, make sure that they are a registered company who can provide the right qualifications and most importantly have the relevant experience.

Here at MA Services Group we strive to provide all our clients with total peace of mind and our experienced, fully-licensed and highly-trained staff have the skills to work in all industry sectors and security assignments. Why not give us a call on 03 9994 4107 and talk to us about your requirements today.

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