Some Of The More Unorthodox Places Private Security Guards Be Expected To Work?

If you’ve ever thought about a profession as a security guard in Australia, you might be under the impression that most of your time will be spent at a control point or behind a desk either checking passes or just waiting for something to happen. While it’s true that there is an element of this in the profession, there’s also a lot more to the job than solely this. In fact work with the right company and you could find your role both interesting and varied. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the more unorthodox places that a private security guard might work.

Asset protection

When it comes to asset protection the most valuable assets are people. Company executives, employees, famous people or wealthy individuals may all require some sort of protection. Whether it’s individuals working in or visiting unsecured or ‘at risk’ areas, celebrities who need protection while on tour, or wealthy individuals who face daily security challenges, asset protection can take a private security guard to a wide variety of destinations and locations.

Event security

There’s a growing need for those that hold large scale events, concerts or festivals to provide some sort of security. This may be to control entry, to make sure that festival goers are able to let their hair down in a safe environment, or to act as a point of contact for anyone that experiences a problem. As such looking after the safety and protection of individuals at an event is big business for security companies. For this reason a private security guard trained in event security can be expected to attend any number of festivals, large sporting events or concerts.

Art galleries and museums

Places of interest such as art galleries and museums often house valuable exhibits and again, private security guards are often needed to protect those exhibits. They also might be asked to check for any prohibited behaviour such as the taking of photographs or video, as well as keeping a watchful eye on those entering the building.

Gaming establishments

Private security guards can also find themselves working in gaming establishments such as casinos. Their main job role will to to keep a look out for hustlers and pickpockets. They could also be trained to work with sophisticated monitoring equipment or to simply be more of a presence at floor level.

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