Retail Security Guard: Here Are Things You Need To Know

Security Guards Near Retail StoreEach aspect of security requires differing characteristics and a retail security guard is no different. The job itself can be varied and interesting and those who have the right attributes can work in any sector from small independent boutiques, through to some of the largest shopping centres in the country, where hundreds of thousands of people pass through every single day. Irrespective of customer footfall it’s the job of the security guard to protect the well being of customers and staff alike as well as the merchandise itself.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know.

Dealing with large volumes of shoppers

It’s essential for anyone working in retail security to be able to assess large volumes of people quickly. So a keen eye is important. It’s imperative for a security guard to be able to quickly ascertain if a person is a risk and to deal with the problem quickly without compromising the safety of others. Whether this means confronting them there and then, or monitoring them over a period of time, a good security officer needs to have one eye on the store and merchandise and another eye on the situation.

Good people skills

As well as assessing the risks posed by numerous people, because they form part of the store of shopping centre team they need to be able to talk to people in a professional, helpful manner. They need to be polite and amiable but this needs to be finely balanced with their security responsibilities. They may be asked to help in cases where a mother has temporarily lost their child in a busy area. In this case, a complete sense of understanding and care is needed. Alternatively, they might need to approach a person who is acting suspiciously but who turns out to be doing nothing wrong. In this case, adopting a polite tone is needed so that the customer isn’t offended. Getting the balance right between friendliness and professionalism is paramount, and that’s what having good people skills is all about.

Familiarity with technology

Technology now plays a big part in how security services operate. As a result, being familiar with, and able to embrace new technology is key. CCTV and alarm monitoring equipment for example is more advanced now than ever before and a good security officer needs to be adaptable and open to a wide variety of technological aids aimed at making the job easier.

Good personal bearing

Perhaps the most important asset of a retail security guard is a sound demeanour and good personal bearing. After all, they’ll be part of the store’s image and brand ambassadors. Therefore enthusiasm for the work that they do and a smart appearance is vital. Project the wrong vibes to potential customers and the store could lose out in revenue. Aside from this, an enthusiastic alert security guard is more likely to dissuade potential shoplifters from committing the act, than someone who appears disinterested.

If you’d like any more information on how to become a retail security guard or you’re a retailer looking for security help, then contact MA Security on 1300 020 406. We’ve been in the security business for many years and provide high-quality specialist security. Why not give us a call to find out more.

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