How To Choose the Right Number of Security Guards For Your Event

If you’re planning an event which requires the presence of security guards then it stands to reason that you need an idea of just how many to book. To help you make this decision there are several factors to take into consideration.

Event security

Who will be at your event

One of the first things to consider is the size of your event and how many people are likely to attend. Naturally the larger the event the more security guards you may require. However, it’s not all about size. It’s important to consider the nature of your event and the type of guests that will be attending as this is sure to influence your decision when deciding how many security guards to book. The demographics of your guest list plays a large part in this decision and anything from the age of the guests to their social standing may need to be considered.

Type of event

The nature of the event is another major consideration as this will help to determine the type of guests who are likely to be present. For example a large music festival is sure to attract a younger demographic and there’s bound to be plenty of alcohol flowing too. When compared to, say an orchestral concert, then you’re likely to need far more security guards than you would for the latter. As a rule of thumb, one guard to 50 attendees is a recommended ratio but if the event is a pop concert per se then it might be wise to increase this number. Any professional security company should be able to suggest the appropriate number of security guards for any occasion.

Choose a reputable experienced event company

When you’re looking to use the services of a security company for your event then it’s important to choose a company that has plenty of experience and who provide guards who are well trained in this particular type of crowd security. This type of security isn’t something to be taken lightly and the level and expertise of security can make or break such an event. Whether your event is for a large crowd of your friends and family or is to be attended by high profile figures, you wouldn’t want for a breach of security to cast a bad light on the proceedings. If the event has been widely publicised then any unfortunate happenings could tarnish the reputation of the organizers and, in the event that you have been shown to have acted in a negligent manner, it could have serious financial implications too. For these very reasons, event security should always be considered an important part of planning and not just an after thought.

Well trained security guards can keep a low profile if necessary while still acting as your eyes and ears and at the first sign of trouble they can nip in the bud before it escalates. Their presence should give you peace of mind and enable you to get on with running the show.

If you’re in need of security guards for your event then give MA Security Services a call on 03 9994 4107 to discuss just how we can help you.

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