Venue Safety Tips to Secure Your Special Events

If you run a popular restaurant, nightclub or bar, then at some point in your busy year a potential customer will call you and ask if they can put on a ‘special event’. This could be a large scale bucks party, an awards ceremony, a convention or meeting, or any other type of event that involves large numbers of people congregating in the same place, at the same time. Now, your first reaction might be that you know exactly how many people your venue holds and you have this many people in on a regular basis so should you really have to worry about extra security? The truth of the matter is that while your venue’s capacity doesn’t change, the type of event, people, and the event’s importance should play a big part in how you approach the security aspect.

Event security

Know about crowd

Under normal circumstances convention centres, amusement parks, stadiums and even large scale public spaces know their capacity, but more importantly know their crowd. Even if they have a higher number of attendees than usual, the amount of security needed probably won’t differ from the norm. However with your customer’s special event, understanding the type of crowd that’s likely to be pitching up is key. With this in mind, this is what you need to be looking out for.

What is the event for and who’s holding it?

Is it the local pipefitters convention and awards dinner, or is a large scale bucks party throwing open a free bar? Is it the local school having their annual pizza night or is it a fun day extravaganza kicking off Australia day weekend. Each is likely to attract different crowds, with different needs and of course…different levels of intoxication.

Whatever you do …don’t guess!

In any ‘special event’ situation where there’s any doubt as to the type of crowd that’s coming, it’s always best to double check. If you guess and get it wrong, then it could cause major problems and probably cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills in the process. Therefore, try to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the person or people organising the event to determine the type of crowd present. Also try to ascertain what they expect from you, but also make it clear what you expect from them.

Finally…brief your team

If you already have your own security personnel then make sure they’re briefed with all the points listed above. Also let group organisers know who various members of your security team are. This way if there are any problems, then both the security personnel and the group organisers know who to turn to.

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