Is your Organization ready to respond in case of an emergency?

Emergency Response Plan for an organization

Have you ever thought about how you would respond to an emergency caused by various reasons impact your business? Those reasons could vary from a law-and-order situation to a natural disaster! Public health disaster like COVID 19 was also an emergency that took the world by surprise. Businesses worldwide were shut down either temporarily or permanently. Those who had a response plan ready survived. According to a report published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of small or medium businesses that shut down due to such disasters never reopen for their customers.

Planning for any emergency well in advance is the differentiating factor between surviving or shutting down. If you are not ready, we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help you manage any disaster.

Create A Plan:

The first step is to create an emergency management plan. It would define how the organization would respond in case of any unforeseen incidents. Make sure to keep it simple and easy for all your employees to understand. Identifying and developing response procedures, training your staff, and implementing the plan is critical from a planning perspective.

Identify People You Can Rely On:

The most critical step in creating an emergency response is to find people who are trustworthy and reliable. Identify people who have experience and training in providing first aid during emergencies. Those people can train other people in your organization if required. Maintain a list of contact numbers for all your staff.

Plan Your Emergency Response:

Once you’ve created a plan and identify people, the next step is to plan how you’ll respond. Make a note of what needs to be done, when and by whom. Connect with other businesses in the vicinity to check their strategies.

Implement the Plan:

Implementing the plan is not just another step. Ensure to include all recommendations given in the planning phase. It is moving from the drawing table to the action stage. Once implemented, keep making improvements regularly.

Train Your Staff:

All your staff from the upper management to new recruits must undergo some specific training in case of an emergency. Everyone must know how to react from the word go. Organize training exercises regularly to identify any issues or faults in the procedures. After completing an emergency exercise, take feedback from employees to identify probable threats. Sometimes even the smallest of a loophole can prove devastating in case of an emergency.

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