How To Hire The Right Number And Type Of Security Guards For Your Event

MA Security guards at moomba eventIf you’re looking to hold an event that requires the need for security guards then one of the first dilemmas you’re going to face is the question of how many security guards do you actually need. When budgets are tight and all your cash is tied up in the event, it’s important to get this aspect right. Too many and you could be paying over the odds. Too little and you could be facing legal repercussions should things go wrong.

In order to make life a little easier, there are a number of important factors that will and should influence your decision on who to hire and how many personnel you actually need. Let’s take a look.

Expected number of people

When planning an event you should at the very least have a rough idea of the number of possible attendees. Are you planning a large scale event, or is it likely to be a more intimate affair? Are you looking at 1000’s or 100’s of attendees? You may well have a more exact idea of the numbers especially if it’s a ticket only event once all the tickets have been sold. Even if this isn’t the case, an educated estimate is needed.

The type of event

Generally speaking a ratio of one security guard to every fifty guests is a good guide. However, it isn’t always that straight forward. For example, if your event is a music festival looking to draw a relatively younger crowd where alcohol will be served, then it’s far more likely that you’re going to need a greater number of security guards than if your event was an orchestral concert aimed towards the older crowd. This is something to bear in mind when thinking of numbers.

The type of attendees

natively if your event is expecting high profile guests, such as celebrities, dignitaries, politicians or even royalty then this will also affect the number of security personnel you might need.

Make it mandatory

Finally, when planning an event, security should be thought of as an integral part of the planning rather than an after-thought. After all, bad security can not only be dangerous but may well bring about legal and financial issues too.

What about the right security guards?

Hiring the right company for the event is (at the very least) as important as getting the right number of security personnel on board. Aside from the obvious past experience, key indicators might also be the level of professionalism upon your initial meeting. How do they come across? Are they asking the right questions of you? Do they have a solid plan of action they can show you? Are they fully licensed? All of these criteria will help you decide on who to hire for the job.


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Remember a well-executed event will have your guests coming back for more, so from a financial perspective, it pays to get it right. For this reason, you should speak to MA Services Group. We’ve been specialising in event security for many years and have experience in working on some of the biggest events in Melbourne. Why not contact us on 03 9994 4107 and let us show you how we can help you with your event security today.

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