Body Worn Cameras: Why do you need them in today’s Security World?

Can you imagine a situation where your security personnel faces a threat from an anti-social element? Someone wanting to cause harm to your business or your employees? Incidents like these would require an immediate and quick response. At the same time, you would also need to have evidence of the confrontation to provide it to the law enforcement agencies. CCTVs can be of great help, but most of the times, the audio is not clear or not available. Hence, situations like these demand a necessity to have Body-worn cameras.

Importance of Having Body Worn Cameras (BWCs)

Body-worn cameras have become a key element in the world of private and commercial security. It diffuses any early aggression in any confrontation that may cause harm to your business, employees or property. The presence of a camera serves as deterrence. A Body-worn camera is also essential in live events to assess real-time threats through a trusted management system using high-level encryption.

These cameras are usually light-weight and are worn on the chest or somewhere on the upper body with clear visibility. The other features of the body-worn cameras include:


The explicit warning on the camera states that the audio and video footage is monitored and recorded. It brings accountability and transparency. Also, there is no scope of tampering with a body-worn camera’s footage.

High-Quality Recordings:

One of the most important features is that it records high-quality audio and video (720p/1080p). Better the pixels (p), better the quality.


The light-weight of the body-worn cameras and accessories make it flexible to adjust on the body.

Easy to use:

Minimal buttons to start and stop recording makes it easy to use and deploy quickly.

Integrating with Video Management System:

It is easy for even a non-technical person to use and install the system with the company’s video management system.

Integration With CCTV:

It is also easy to integrate body-worn cameras with your CCTV system for ease of use. It makes monitoring of the surroundings easier and gives a 360 view.

Battery Life:

A single charge can help you record videos for up to 11-12 hours without any interruption.

Other Features:

Most of the body-worn cameras are weatherproof with day and night capabilities. It is easy to transfer the footage, if required, from a memory card to the system.

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