Before we started using technology in the world of security, we only had guards on static duty. A static duty guard would serve as your eyes and ears on the ground. But, thanks to evolution, things have changed. Now, CCTV Cameras linked to a Video Management System helps you keep that additional surveillance you want.

A Video Management System (VMS) provides a wide range of capabilities that allows the security personnel to be more efficient. From an organization’s perspective, choosing the right VMS is very important. We’ve compiled a list of features that’ll help you make the right choice when it comes to VMS.

Ease in Operations-

At an event, when security personnel has to navigate your sites individually using a different device, they may not be able to focus on the things that matter.

In a situation like this, VMS comes into the picture. A VMS gives the operator, clear view of the entire event through CCTV cameras and body-worn cameras. So, the operator can co-ordinate with the security personnel as and when required.


A VMS allows security personnel to move within the designated area of surveillance and communicate with other operators. The system is easy to use. It is also easy to install on a mobile device as it does not require a technician.

Easy to Store-

When you opt for a VMS system, you’ll also want to store the data. Data can be stored using a cloud-based system. In a cloud-based data storage system, you’ll have access to all your data till you want to. It also allows you to increase or decrease the storage capacity basis your requirement.

Get a 360-degree View-

Keeping an eye on the ground activities can be challenging for any organization. A VMS can help you connect with anyone on the surveillance having access to the system from anywhere. Your security personnel can manage the movements in your sites using geo-localized maps. Hence, collaboration becomes easy for the entire team managing your security.

No Compromise on Privacy-

In a world full of technology, privacy is a concern for both public and private organizations. Technology has also made it easy to hack into other devices thereby, breaching privacy. Hence, it is necessary to rely on a highly encrypted system.

MA Services helps you deploy such solutions which meet the government’s regulations on privacy.

We always use the latest technology when it comes to security solutions. If you’re looking for a new VMS, MA Services group offers you all the features mentioned above and more.