How to keep your business safe this Easter?

Own a business and are planning to spend that quality time with your family this Easter? No one wants to spend their Easter working, right? We are sure that even your employees would be working remotely, probably most of them. 

Most businesses and their properties are vulnerable during holidays. There is a constant threat to your company’s movable and immovable property by burglars and other anti-social elements, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise. We have listed down a few possible threats for your business while you are away:

  • Organized burglary, especially if you are from the retail industry
  • Vandalizing your property may create safety and damage issues
  • The possible threat of Arson will cause irreparable damage to your property

If left unattended, these issues can quickly become complex. For instance, a damaged water pipe can cause a short circuit and result in fire. Follow these tips to avoid such mistakes:

Test all your Security Equipment-

The last person who leaves the office before the holidays start should be made responsible for this activity. You should ensure that all your security equipment is in working condition and enable remote access before leaving. 

Make sure everything is Locked and Secured-

It is important to lock all the entry and exit points of your building premises. Remote access will help you monitor any activity in your absence. You also want to make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the dark spots of your property to ward off any intruder.

Increase Mobile Patrolling-

When there is no one at the office, it is advisable to increase mobile patrolling. A mobile patrol officer can give you real-time information about the activities in and around your business property. MA Services Group has skilled personnel who have rich experience in mobile patrolling

Use of Security Signage-

Security signage works as a visual deterrence for any threats. We recommend you place security signages outside entry points and possible vulnerable spots of your property.

Alarm Response-

You should have in place a Monitored Alarm System that can trigger an alarm on the slightest of unauthorized movement. Integrating your mobile patrol team’s tracking system will be an added advantage. It will help them respond quickly in case of an emergency.

At times issues such as water leakage or broken window might not trigger an alarm. There are other issues like providing security service to some employees who would be working even during their holidays. For all such requirements, MA Services Group offers client-specific solutions.