So What Exactly Does A Security Guard Do?

If most people were asked to sum up the job of a security guard it would probably be something like ‘big burly guys dressed in uniform who spend a lot of time hanging around waiting for something to happen‘. While there may be certain aspects of truth in this (well…the ‘hanging around waiting for something to happen part’ anyway) the fact is that a security guard can be employed in a wide number of roles with varying responsibilities, depending upon their training of course. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at their roles and responsibilities

Static guards

Covering a wide variety of venues such as industrial sites, governmental properties, retail parks and shops and corporate buildings, static guards provide a visible deterrent against theft, vandalism, burglary or any other potential crime. Highly experienced guards are trained to look out for any suspicious intentions and will take immediate action based on those intentions, therefore giving the employer peace-of mind that their building, assets and the people within are being well and truly protected.

Mobile Patrols

For larger venues such as industrial sites, retail parks and large corporate buildings, mobile security patrols might be necessary. Roving patrols can be utilised either inside or outside, or indeed a combination of both. Using a variety of ways to move around including on foot, bicycle and vehicle they may be required to do periodic perimeter patrols, or to make sure that offices are safe and secure and doors are locked during out of hours operations.

Crowd Control

More and more security companies are being used for crowd control and it can make up a bulk of their business. Crowd control is generally used for large scale licensed events, music concerts, busy venues, house parties and even personal escorts. Crowd controllers act as a deterrent for any potential wrongdoing such as theft, violence, or drugs and are there to make sure those who have paid or are entitled to be at an event/party, or are being escorted, are safe from any harm.

Asset protection

Whether it’s your private property, your family, your possessions or your business, security guards can be used for asset protection. This may be something as simple as guarding a property/business while the owner is away. Or if the assets you’re looking to protect are mobile, then escorting them from point A to point B in a vigilant and secure manner.


This a relatively modern concept for many security companies and has come about out of a demand for those commercial, residential and retail sectors who require an amalgamation of concierge/security services. Owners of apartment complexes, residential building managers, commercial buildings and corporations need responsible people they can rely on to receive packages and deliveries, help, direct, and book-in visitors, monitor security systems, regulate visitor parking, patrol common areas and be able to respond quickly should any emergency occur.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to security and there are many more highly trained positions open to security guards such as close protection work, overseeing and training other personnel in aspects of security and even armed guarding for military installations.

Here at MA Services Group we’re well versed in all aspects of modern day security and have the highly trained staff, the skills and the experience to take on any given situation. Why not contact us today on 03 9994 4107 to discuss your security concerns and in return we’ll offer you total peace-of-mind.

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