6 Top Tips For Concert Security And Better Crowd Control

Dealing with hundreds if not thousands of people in one place might seem like a daunting task, but not if you follow these 6 top tips for increased concert security and crowd control.

Concert Security

Leave sufficient space between the stage and the crowd

There is no measurable distance or space you are supposed to leave between the performer and the crowd, and more often than not it boils down to who’s performing and/or the type of people you’re expecting. For instance, in most cases anywhere between 6 and 10 metres is acceptable. However, if it’s someone like Justin Bieber playing to a screaming hoard of ‘Beliebers’ you might want to consider leaving more distance.

Maintain good control of entry

When the doors to a concert open, unsurprisingly people tend to flood to the front to be as near the stage as possible. If things are getting a little crazy and there’s a lot of shoving and pushing, you might want to slow down or temporarily halt entry until those at the front have assumed their rightful positions.

Cordon off dangerous areas

Depending upon where your venue is located will ultimately dictate what areas you need to be aware of. For example, if the concert is held indoors, you might want to cordon off dangerous staircases where people can be crushed or trip and fall. Alternatively, if the venue is outside then look to cordon off areas such as high drops, slopes, bodies of water, or electrical facilities that may otherwise cause a hazard.

Make sure there are sufficient exits

When the concert is over there’s usually a mad dash for the exits. Firstly it’s advisable to make sure there are plenty of them so the area can be vacated quickly if needs be; and secondly, make sure all exits are well signposted and a clear route to them is highlighted.

Be vigilant

During the concert, it pays to have event security personnel positioned in and amongst the crowd. If they’re seen to be patrolling the area, criminals who might be looking to prey on those having a good time may think twice before doing so. In addition, being present gives people the knowledge that their well-being is being taken into account and makes for a better all-round concert-going experience.

Beef it up

Finally, if you are looking into security measures then you should be looking to increase them. In terms of security personnel, take the number you feel you might need and increase it by a third. It’s always better to have more security than you need rather than less, so like a good boy scout – be prepared!

At MA Security we specialise in concert crowd control and have carried out security for some of the largest events in Queensland. If you need some advice or would like a free, no-obligation quote, then call the experts on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly, experienced team today.

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