5 Important Factors To Consider Before Hiring Special Events Security

If you’re planning on hosting any type of large event, then you owe it to your attendees to make sure that they’re protected. The best way to do this is to hire a specialist events security company. However as all security companies are different, here are some important factors you really should consider before hiring one.

Are they licensed?

In order to act in an official capacity in most parts of the world, security companies need to be fully licensed, so it’s worth checking to see if they are. Even if you reside in a part of the world that doesn’t require event security personnel to be licensed, then it’s well worth hiring a company that is anyway.

Will they need to be uniformed

Depending upon the type and nature of your event you might decide that uniformed security is better. Conversely you might prefer a more relaxed non-uniform approach to event security. Whatever way, you might want to discuss this aspect with any possible suitors.

A rough idea of attendees

It might be hard to hard to be specific about the exact number of people expected at your event but this is one of the first things that a skilled security company will need to know. This is so that they can deploy the right number of staff and in turn give you an accurate overall price for the project. If for example your event is based on ticket sales, then you should be able to provide them with a rough ticket count. If it’s an annual event then you could also go on last year’s figures as a rough guide.

The type of people in attendance

Music festivals that are likely to attract thousands of party-going revellers are probably going to need a larger amount of security guards than say an outdoor classical concert possibly would, so the type of people your event is looking to attract will make a difference to the number of security guards.

And finally….

Past experience of the company

Finally you want to make sure you get your security right and therefore why not ask the security company what past experience they have? If they’re to be considered for a large scale event, they really should have done like for like work in the past. If they can show you proof of past work or put you in touch with someone who has used their services, then all the better.

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