5 Important Questions We’ll Need Answers To Before Taking On Your Event Security

So you’ve got a forthcoming event organised and you’d like us to deal with the security side of it. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. At MA Services Group we deal with many aspects of security but pay particular attention to event security. As such we’ve covered a wide range of events from large scale music festivals through to sporting events, parties, and even business conventions. However before we proceed there are 5 important questions we’ll need answers to.

The number of people

Okay, so it’s not an exact number we’re after, unless of course it’s a ticket only event and you know exactly how many people are likely to show up. However for obvious reasons we do need a rough estimate. This way we can give you an accurate price based on the number of security staff needed and also so that we can make plans should you decide to go ahead.

The type of event

If it’s a rock festival aimed at students for example, then without being stereotypical it’s probably fair to surmise that it’s likely to require heavier security than say a classical concert would. Again for obvious reasons this affects the number of staff required.

Where the event is situated

Open air events on large sites for example may require higher numbers of security guards than an indoor area. More often that not open air events have to deal with a multitude of entry and exit points as well as the obligatory fence jumpers and fare dodgers, whereas it’s fair to say that indoor events are more contained and therefore more controlled meaning less security personnel are needed.

The length of the event

If the event or festival is billed as a massive weekend rave for example, then the security company are going to need several shifts of security personnel working both day and night. Whereas if the event is a one off-one day special, then just one team of personnel should suffice. Again this will have a bearing on the price.

Any special instructions

Finally, some festival organisers expect their security personnel to carry out a range of duties such as controlling the parking, roving perimeter patrols, and point of contact duties. This isn’t normally a problem but will require us to bring in the right staff with the right training. For this reason we need to know this up front.

So there you have it, 5 important questions we’ll need you to answer before we take on security of your event. Obviously there will be more questions from both sides as we meet but by having these answers available to us it’ll make our job and indeed yours a whole lot easier.

If you have any questions about an upcoming event or would simply like a quote, then please don’t hesitate to contact MA Services Group on 03 9994 4107.

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