Are You Considering Beefing Up Your Security With A Home Security System?

Experts in the home security field state that residential camera surveillance systems are becoming more and more popular. However just as they have advantages, you’ll need to be aware that they also have some distinct disadvantages too. Before you make up your mind on whether you need to beef-up your home security. Lets take a closer look at the pros and the cons.

Cameras act as a deterrent

Clearly the main benefit of home security cameras are that they’re more likely to deter potential burglars. Most thieves are opportunist and if they’re walking past a property and see a window or door open and/or plenty of shady cover, then they might take a chance, especially if they’ve already spotted valuable or attractive items inside the house. Conversely, if security cameras are clearly visible or there’s visible signage stating that your property has security surveillance, then they’re probably not going to risk it and instead are going to walk right by.

Continual recording

If you purchase a home surveillance system that uses a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) you’re able to record continuously with no problems. Therefore your system is always working for you and as such you stand a greater chance of catching someone in the act should they decide to target your property. The only downside to the DVR system is that they don’t come cheap. At somewhere between $2500 and $3000 AUD that’s some serious investment!

Easier to justify calling the police

Most alarm companies won’t send in the police unless it’s been verified that there’s been a break-in. If you have security cameras installed, it’s easier and quicker to make that confirmation and therefore speed up the whole process.

What about the cons?

No guarantees of thwarting break in’s

Whether a security camera is there or not there’s a slim chance that some thieves may still target your property. If they’re determined enough, then no amount of security surveillance is going to stop them. In some cases thieves will have no qualms about looking right into the camera as they attempt to burgle your home so there are no guarantees!

They aren’t a final fix solution

Most people get home surveillance systems because they’ve been targeted before. If they’re doing this then they need to ask themselves “What’s the main purpose for having those cameras?” If people are genuinely trying to protect their home, then what other solutions have they put in place? Have they installed security doors and windows with deadlocks? Have they removed any foliage from around doors and driveways that provide shade and cover? Have they installed security lighting? All of these factors together work as a deterrent far better than just a home surveillance system.

And finally…

Loss of privacy

A surveillance system installed in your home can feel a bit like you’ve lost privacy in a ‘big brother’ type way, especially if you’re recording continuously. This is something that your friends and family need to be aware of

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