Corporate Security – What Exactly Is It And What Does It Entail?

Within the security
industry there are many varied job roles. As such experienced
security companies have to wear many hats. From static security
guarding and mobile patrolling, through to key holding and monitoring
to concierge duties and asset protection, a security company’s role
offers a multitude of possibilities. Most are self explanatory,
however one of the more confusing roles is corporate security. What
exactly is it and what does it entail?

In essence corporate
security is a term used which refers to the practice of protecting a
workplace or business. This includes staff and assets. Let’s take a
closer look.

Protecting physical

At its most basic level
a corporate security guard is there to protect a physical property.
Depending upon the operation of the company the amount of protection
they need will vary. For example a company manufacturing explosive or
drug products will probably have tighter controls over access than
say a retail outlet. Therefore a corporate security guard might be
stationed on or near the front desk and may also be expected to meet
and greet people, making sure that they are who they say they are,
and will direct them to the right departments or areas. They will
also be responsible for property security by making sure relevant
areas are secure when no-one is present.

Cyber security

On another level a
company may have a specialised in-house corporate security team who
are responsible for network security. Cyber crime is big business and
unfortunately it’s on the rise. For this reason network security is
highly important. Corporate security personnel may be responsible for
running safety checks, changing passwords, restricting access, and
acting as a first line of defence against online viral attacks. They
may also be responsible for providing ongoing training for staff
members so that they can better protect themselves against online


Finally corporate
security personnel may be responsible for conducting internal
investigations when needed. This is particularly true in the retail
industry where multi-outlet companies will need to protect themselves
from internal theft. Just to give you an idea of how big this problem
is, in 2014 (the latest date figures were produced) internal theft
cost businesses just over $1.7 billion. For this reason companies
will have security personnel who are responsible for ongoing staff
training, conducting regular security audits, and as mentioned,
attending security investigations when called in by individual

As you can see
corporate security covers a wide and varied area but is a very
important aspect of a company’s day to day running.

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