Would manned security benefits my business?

Security personnelsUnfortunately in these times of violence and crime, there’s no less risk of your business being a target for theft and damage. The thing is, just how do you protect your staff, business assets, and bottom line?

A static security guard acts as a physical deterrent and is on hand to protect your staff, your property, and your premises as well as carrying out other tasks such as reception duties and gate control. In fact, manned guarding could be considered an essential service for any security-conscious business.

So what is manned guarding exactly?

It’s a term that refers to static or mobile guards. While a static guard remains permanently on-site a mobile guard carries out certain duties on your premises at random or regular intervals, depending upon your preference and needs.

Both types of manned guarding have the same aim which is to

  • guard business premises from unauthorised damage or access

  • protect individuals from injury or assault caused by unlawful acts of others

  • guard property from theft, damage, or destruction

Who would be best suited to manned guarding?

Most brick and mortar premises would benefit from manned guarding although this type of service would be best suited to:

What are the benefits to a business of manned guarding?

Security guards provide a visual deterrent to anyone intent on committing a crime. While security doors, CCTV cameras, and various other security measures may reduce the levels of crime, the sight of a uniformed guard may deter a vandal or thief, and send them to an easier target.

What’s more a uniformed, trained, and experienced guard can ‘sniff’ out potential threats and respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies such as floods and fire, protecting both people and assets.

Besides patrolling your business regularly, a manned guard can also carry out:

  • Alarm system monitoring

  • Gate control

  • Bag searches

  • Reception duties

  • First aid

  • Liaison with emergency personnel in the event of an accident

What to consider when hiring a manned guard

Check that the company has all the necessary licences and accreditations to operate within your state. Also, consider choosing a local security guard company as not only will they have more in-depth knowledge of your area but they’ll be able to send additional support promptly in the event of an accident or occurrence.

At MA Security Guards we’re fully certified by QAS International as having obtained licensing agreements both nationally and internationally. Our guards undergo rigorous training so they understand the risks they face and know how to minimise or eradicate them. We take a modern, fresh approach to manned guarding with a focus on providing the very best customer service.

If you’re interested to know more about manned guarding then get in touch. Call MA Security Guards today on 1300 020 406 and let’s talk about how we can help you.