Just because you’re a
small business doesn’t mean that you have no need for security. After
all, you have assets to protect just as much as any larger company
would and what’s more, any criminal intent on theft or cyber crime is
more likely to target a smaller business. Why? Because they know that
you might not have the security budgets that larger companies have.
This makes it an all round easier target.

Although it sounds as
if the odds are stacked against small businesses, installing a good
quality, security system can help to level the playing field
somewhat. With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the major
benefits in having a good quality security system fitted to your
business premises.

It can save you

It might seem a little
strange to think that by spending your hard-earned profits on a good
alarm and surveillance system you can actually save money, but it’s
true! When it comes to paying insurance many companies will lower the
premium if you have some type of security system in place. Often when
it comes to insurance, some companies will even insist on you being
fitted with security and surveillance equipment before they’ll even
insure you.

Prevents employee

Did you know that
businesses lose more money from employee theft or fraud than any
other type of criminal activity? In fact, in Australia alone, that
equates to around $2.7 billion a year. A properly installed
surveillance system can act as a deterrent to anyone looking to steal
or commit fraudulent activity against you. While employee theft or
fraud is likely to be a massive thorn in the side, larger businesses
are usually better equipped financially to handle losses of this
nature. For smaller businesses however, this could be the difference
between business survival and administration.

Tells criminals you
care about protecting your business

We’ve already mentioned
that criminals often prefer to target vulnerable smaller businesses
because they don’t have the money to spend on security, However by
putting up relevant signage and installing one or two good quality
cameras, it immediately tells any criminals that you’re serious about
the protection of your business. Ultimately, they’re far more likely
to go somewhere else that’s less security conscious.

The fact is that
installing security systems is one of the best investments that you
can make to your small business and provided that you make the right
choice, it’s likely to give you better peace-of-mind, save you money,
and ultimately help your business to grow quicker.

At MA Security we can
design supply and install a complete range of alarm and surveillance
systems to suit your needs and fit your budget. For further
information contact us directly on 1300 020 406 for a
free, no obligation quote.

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