What Can a Full Service Security Company Offer?

If you’ve ever visited
a security company website with a view to hiring them, you might have
come across the words ‘full service’ in relation to describing what
they do. That’s all well and good but what exactly does that mean?
Let’s take a closer look…

In essence a full
service security company offers a whole range of security services
that a customer in any given scenario might need. These include
static and mobile guarding, asset/VIP protection, alarm monitoring
and key holding, corporate and concierge security, event/concert
security. and crowd control. In other words if you need it, a
full-service security company can probably help. To make it a little
easier, let’s break it down a little further starting with static and
mobile guarding….

Static/mobile guarding
is the most common reason people choose to hire a security company.
The term ‘static’ doesn’t really mean stationary, it means on foot.
Therefore duties may include checking ID’s, booking visitors in and
out, and keeping a watch for any suspicious activity; but in addition
it also means patrolling (both mobile and on foot) and protecting
people and property in gated communities, business premises, and/or
construction sites.

Asset/VIP protection

Many high-net worth
individuals or people in the spotlight such as politicians or
celebrities will often hire security companies to look after their
assets and their family. This might mean accompanying them on
business trips, public engagements, or even on holiday. This is a
high profile role and is normally reserved for individuals with years
of experience.

Alarm monitoring/key

Many businesses either
hire security companies to support their staff when faced with an
alarm call out, or will employ them to act as first responders. This
is so members of staff aren’t put in danger. Many businesses also use
security companies for out-of-hours key holding. In handing over the
keys it allows security guards to thoroughly check premises both
inside and out at regular agreed intervals, giving the
premises/business owner better peace-of-mind.

Corporate and
concierge security

This is usually a
customer-facing role and requires corporate and concierge security
guards to be more customer-service trained. They also need excellent
communication skills and a good phone manner. Corporate and concierge
security guards can often be found on front desks in larger
corporations or businesses or controlling entry and exit in upmarket
apartment complexes. In addition on the corporate side, they can also
deal with cyber security in offices, carry our security risk
assessments, and even give security presentations when asked.

Event security/crowd

Festivals, concerts,
and events, all need strong security. For this reason it’s best to
hire a company who is experienced in this field. They can cover every
aspect from supplying the personnel through to organising and
executing the entire security operation, including on-site training.

As you can see, the
duties of a full service security company are wide and varied, but
they’re often better equipped to deal with other security situations
that arise.

At MA Security we’re a
full service security company with years of experience in the
industry, so whatever your security dilemma, we can assist. Contact
us today on 1300 020 406 for a free, no obligation

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