Things to Know About Hiring Security Guards

If we were to give
people just one tip about security, we would say “never
underestimate its importance”. 

With crime rates on the
rise in Australia it’s always better to be pro active and take the
necessary precautionary steps instead of waiting for something to
happen. Security is that type of business where just one incident can
cause a spiral of events and before you know what’s happening the
whole thing has got out of control. Therefore, in our opinion, it’s
best to take the appropriate security steps in all the right places.

You can never be too
careful about security. Whether you’re concerned for your own safety
or that of your family or employees, you’ll feel far more relaxed
knowing that you’ve done all you can to secure their safety. When
talking about safeguarding people and security, the first thing that
often comes to mind is bodyguards.

Be cautious when
choosing a security company

Hiring a security guard
would obviously be a step in the right direction to protect yourself,
your family, or employees but you need to approach the idea with
caution. For example, it would be unwise to accept the services of
anyone setting themselves up as a bodyguard without doing your
research. What with numerous fraudulent attempts being written about
all the time in the newspapers and innovative new techniques that
robbers are adopting, you need to be assured that the security
company you approach can be relied on. You need to find a security
company with glowing testimonials, long serving staff, and modern

As a rule of thumb it’s
always a good idea to choose a local company. For one reason it’s
easier to ask around to verify their reputation, and you may be able
to contact previous clients to enquire about the standards of the
service they provide. A locally based company would also be fully
aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to your state. In
addition the employees would be more familiar with the surrounding
area, all of which should point to a better service.

Don’t rush into

Hiring a security guard
isn’t something to be rushed into. You need to weigh up all the pros
and cons

and be sure you know
just what you’re signing up for. You need to choose a company that
will provide you with fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable

A bodyguard needs to be
polite and friendly and have a way with people that doesn’t come
across as rude or arrogant. At the same time he also needs to have an
air of authority about him, so that people will take him seriously.
Therefore before hiring a bodyguard make sure you’ve checked him out
and the company he works for. Everything needs to be verified from
his attitude to that of his company.

We’ve recently become
members of the Australian Security Industry Association which is a
recognised professional body that controls and regulates the security
industry. We also focus on a tailored service for our clients which
includes a variety of operational reporting services. This includes
such things as daily reports, maintenance reports, and site safety
checks. So if you’re interested in hiring a security guard for
yourself, your family, or your business, then get in touch. We’ve got
years of experience and hold the relevant security licenses required
for each state. Why not contact us today on 1300 020 406 to discuss
how we can help you feel more secure. 

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