Tips On Planning A Safe High Profile Event

For many people their idea of event security is simply placing a few guys dressed in suits at the entrance when in fact  security goes way beyond this, with a lot of work taking place in the background, prior to and during the event itself. Behind every high profile event there is a team of dedicated professionals working to protect the venue and the guests from potential danger or disruption. Hiring experienced events security is of paramount importance since they will know how to monitor a crowd, spot any potential signs of trouble, and intervene before matters get out of hand.

Here are some top tips to ensuring your event is safe, secure and extremely enjoyable for all the guests.

Things to ask before selecting your venue

When you’re going through the process of choosing a venue it’s important to have a list of questions to ask the staff. These should include such things as the number and location of emergency exits, an outline of evacuation plans, the availability of paramedics, and any other contingency plans. These type of questions are particularly important if you’re hosting a high profile event with important dignitaries or celebrities attending.

Keep guests informed ahead of the event

As an event planner for a high profile event you should forewarn your guests that there will be security professional carrying out checks on handbags or even screening them with an X-ray machine. You can tell them to expect similar security to that which takes place at an airport. It also makes sense to have a cut-off time for arrivals, and warn guests that after that time security will not let them in.

Hire your security guards well in advance

Once you’ve secured your venue you should immediately look to hiring your security guards since there’s work to be done ahead of the event. The first thing a security firm will want to do is visit the venue and meet any on-site security team. If your event is high profile there may be a need for an X-ray machine, metal detectors and sniffer dogs and all of these need advance notice and preparation.

Consider the likelihood of all types of threats

It’s unlikely that your event will be threatened with a bomb attack but there are still a host of other security risks which could endanger your guests. Make sure you assess risks indoors and outside and encourage active communication between all management levels and employees.

Carrying out risk assessment is important for any type of event so keep these tips in mind as you put in place your plans for a safe and enjoyable event. MA Services Group are experts in event security and will make sure your event runs smoothly and according to plan with pre-event planning, risk assessment, crowd control and comprehensive security management. We’ll keep everyone safe and happy, secure the venue, and generally contribute to the success of your event. Get in touch now by calling us on 03 9994 4107.

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