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Customer Service

Customer Services

Since our inception, MASG has specialised in event-based security solutions and over the last 7 years, we have secured both small, large and major events, though each with its own challenges, one thing most events have in common is the lack of cohesion between security and other frontline services. MASG’s customer service capability is able to create synergies to deliver enhanced value to our clients.

Our service offering is all encompassing and can be tailored to deliver end to end solutions for longer term outcomes or single stream services for short term projects and events. Each event type has its own challenges in assuring safety and mitigating risk and our capabilities ensure we can meet all your needs, you won’t have to compromise with us.


  • Guest Marshalls
  • Safety Officers
  • Fire Wardens
  • First Aid coordination
  • Wrist banding
  • Identification checks
  • Concierge services
  • Guest inquiries
  • Emergency response coordination
  • Maintaining broad knowledge of all client’s products, services and property as required.
  • First level problems determination and resolution
Our friendly and caring people are our greatest strength. Customer service has moved beyond being a transaction, it’s an experience that is delivered through a positive mindset, approach and focus on delivering outcomes, not just going through the motions.

Our Approach

As our world becomes more fast paced and self-procured, our needs as humans, consumers, customers and guests is becoming hyper discerning.

Being able to deliver a positive customer experience is more critical than ever as feedback is socialised instantaneously, publicly and more often without businesses being able to rectify the issue first. This is where MA Customer Service can help, we deliver positive customer experiences for your sites and events.

Our people selection, training and management is focused on the key areas of:


Our people love dealing with people, helping and serving them makes them feel good, it’s obvious in everything we do and you can see it a mile away. 


If we don’t know the answer, we find out, never forgetting our customer. 


Consistent service levels mean more positive experiences and happy customers. Every. Single. Time.


Customers with problems are opportunities to provide a better experience. Empathy, contact, updates and check backs make the difference. Events have unique challenges and complexities, further complicated by timing criticalities, crowd volumes, location, available infrastructure and cultural context. We understand each of these and have a specialist team in place wholly dedicated to deliver customer service outcomes.


A great experience is based on trust which comes from good rapport. Our people love people, so listening, care, courtesy and friendliness leaves a lasting impression.

Outcomes we deliver

  • Safe & caring guest & stakeholder experience
  • Promoting customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced safety and security measures
  • Seamless liaison & communication protocols
  • Minimized incident risks
  • Reduced complaints & conflicts