The Dos And Don’t For New Festival Goers

Now that the festival season is well and truly underway we thought it would be a good idea to give those ‘festival first timers’ a fun, yet indispensable guide they can use so they look like they’ve been attending festivals all their life.

Pick your first festival wisely

In Australia, there are more festivals held during the summer months that there are performers to perform at, so it’s worth choosing one that really suits you. It could be the location, the music, or even because they sell great food. Whatever it is, you’ll get more enjoyment out of it, if it’s something that really floats your boat. Another piece of advice is to start your festival experience in bite sized chunks. It’s far better to attend a one day event where you can decamp to a gastro-pub at the end of the day to enjoy a decent burger and use the loos. Trust us, if your very first festival is a 3 day event in the remotest part of the country, then it’s likely to be your last one too.

Don’t think that $50 and a change of underwear will suffice

If minimalism seems all the rage, you don’t really want to be practising it at your first festival. That’s not to say you need to take everything you own, but definitely pack sufficient essentials such as baby wipes, wind up mobile phone charger, sufficient bottled water and underwear. Remember if you’re not prepared, you can probably buy it at the event, but be prepared to shell out a small fortune for it.

Be comfortable

Festivals are all about enjoyment so it’s not about wearing the latest fashion because “that’s what you’re meant to do at festivals, right”. After all what’s the point of wearing the latest skinny jeans if you can’t sit down in them? Instead wear something that you feel comfortable in and are not afraid to get dirty. Oh and don’t forget the sun screen!

Enjoy yourself but do it in moderation

A festival is a place where thousands of people go to kick back and enjoy themselves. But it’s probably best not to let the sun (or the alcohol) go to your head. It’s one thing raving away like a mad thing to your favourite band, or doing something you’ve never done before such as bungee jumping, but being a general pain in the proverbial and getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly is definitely one step too far!

Don’t leave without catching one great act

Finally, it’s all too easy to escape to the relative peace and tranquillity of a deckchair, but schedule in the time to see at least one great live act. Chances are that if it’s a big festival there’s going to be a plethora of bands playing at the same time many of which just might not be your thing. However before you go, look through the schedule, find a a band you’re longing to see live, and then make it to the right stage, at the right time- simple!

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