How To Plan Your Event Security So That Your Festival Goes Without A Hitch

As festival season is well and truly underway here in Melbourne we thought that we’d take the opportunity to give you some hints and tips so that you can make sure that your event or festival goes by without a hitch

Take your event security seriously

If your festival is going to entice crowds of people (which hopefully it will) you need to take your event security seriously. Security should never be an after-thought especially if you want everything to go without a hitch. In fact, it really should be one of the first things you think about, right after you have your venue! By meeting with an experienced events security company such as ours we can help you to plan your security so you don’t have to do it alone

Never cut corners

It’s understandable that when putting on a festival there’s going to be a plethora of expenses involved, some of which you might have failed to account for. Ultimately you might have to make cuts somewhere along the line in order to come in on budget. The one place you should never make cuts is on your security. Great security has the ability to make your festival, the event of the year. If you decide to lower the numbers of recommended security guards as part of a cost-cutting exercise then not only might your festival be talked about for all the wrong reasons, you could also be inviting a multitude of theft, crime, and worse still, injury to your paying customers

Determine what are acceptable risk levels

Accept the fact that there’s always going to be an element of security risk at an event, whether this is opportunist thieves, fence-jumpers or just those who are out to cause trouble. The key here is to plan for it rather than to turn a blind eye, or imagine that it won’t happen at your festival. By having an action plan in place, it’s far easier to deal with should (and when) anything occurs.

And finally….

Don’t measure success by the number of arrests or confiscations.

After the last weary reveller has gone home and the venue has fallen silent it’s time to be debriefed. Good event security is all about preventing or mitigating risk. It’s not about the number of arrests made. Instead you want to be talking about how safe your customers felt. How well the crowds were managed and how smoothly the whole event went. Be constructive and look at areas you could improve on should you decide to go ahead with another event next year.

At MA Services Group we’ve been involved with event security for many years and as a result, we’ve managed some of the largest festivals in the area. If you need any advice on security at your your upcoming event or would like to ask us about any of our services then contact us on 03 9994 4107 today.

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