Static Security Guarding – More Than Just A Night Watchman!

Even in this day and age of computerised systems, probably the most effective deterrent against property theft, vandalism or indeed crime in general, is static security guarding. When people think of static guarding they usually picture the old night watchman standing in his hut in all weathers. The truth is that modern-day static guarding goes way beyond this. Let’s take a closer look at the kind of roles a professional security guard has to undertake in the 21st century.

Load security and control

For any company which has it’s fair share of visiting trucks laden with supplies, cargo, or materials, it provides a window of opportunity for theft. For this reason static guards might be asked to make sure that all paperwork and loads tally, in addition to carrying out thorough searches of vehicles.

Gate operation and control of entry

A modern-day static guard may also be responsible for control of entry and exit on and off the premises. This might mean manning a static barrier or electronic gate. Checking identification and making sure that limited access buildings are only entered by people with the right levels of clearance.

Parking protection and traffic control

In larger premises a static security guard could also be responsible for maintaining control of traffic in and out of the premises while providing a safe environment for any employees of visitors who need to park their vehicles. This could include regular patrols around parking areas and/or simply maintaining a presence.

Operating CCTV cameras

Many businesses invest thousands of dollars in closed circuit television cameras as a means of providing extra security and protection of assets and materials. Although monitoring can be carried out remotely by security companies, many businesses prefer that it’s done on the premises. As such, a security guard might be tasked with watching out for any suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in and around the premises so that they can provide immediate on-site response should a situation arise. In other words it’s vigilant static guarding, just when you need it most.

Security/concierge services

More and more companies are finding that a security/concierge service (a cross between a receptionist and a security guard) is the perfect answer. Trained in high levels of customer service a static security guard who has the relevant concierge skills is able to deal with clients and customers in the right way, while maintaining the high standards of professionalism that your business dictates. However in addition to this they also carry out a more recognisable security role which includes control of entry, fire and evacuation testing, static surveillance, etc. A security concierge service really offers the best of both worlds for many businesses and this is why it’s a popular choice.

As you can see, the role of a modern-day static security guard is both highly skilled and varied and for this reason if you’re considering hiring a static guard it pays to hire a company with vast experience in this field. This said, you might want to consider contacting MA Services Group. As a fully-licensed company we’ve been supplying static security guards to a wide variety of businesses for many years. Why not contact us on  03 9994 4107 and let us show you what we can do for you.

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