When It Comes To Manned Guarding One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to hiring a manned guard you may be surprised to learn that we don’t just send along the first available guard on our team, instead careful consideration is given as to who would be the most suitable person to send. You see, when it comes to manned guarding there is no such thing as a generic guard since every environment and location will have a different set of requirements with regards to the level of security and skills.

The way we choose the most suitable guards for our clients is by learning all we can about our clients. We make it our business to understand each client’s business and policies as well as ascertaining exactly how they expect their employees, visitors and contractors to be welcomed, treated, and protected on their premises.

Once we have a clearer insight into what our client is ‘all about’ then we have a better idea of the physical attributes and necessary skills of the type of security staff that is required. This in turn flags up the guards who are best suited to this type of work and who already have the necessary experience in this particular field.

Open and closed environments

There are some places such as galleries, museums, theatres and shopping malls where people are encouraged to enter, and other places where a security guard will be needed to actively discourage them from entering, such as government departments, warehouses, trading floors and logistics.

In a public space such as a shopping mall the last thing anyone wants is for people to be deterred from entering and in this respect the members of security need to be friendly and approachable as most of their day is likely to be spent helping people rather than protecting them, such as pointing them to the location of the toilets or reuniting a lost child with a parent.

In a closed environment such as an office building or high security bank, the security guard will have more control over who is given access. By maintaining a team of regular security guards they’ll become familiar with people who frequent the building on a regular basis and this makes it easier to spot potential threats or suspicious activity. Closed environments do often have guests so it’s important that the security guards is friendly and welcoming while also making them feel protected.

Making the right impression

How a person is greeted by a security guard can influence the way they feel about the place they’re in. Staff in office buildings can influence how other people perceive the company’s “brand” and this includes the role the security guard plays too. They need to make a good and lasting first impression that makes people have a positive attitude to their surroundings and this means that the security officer needs to be able to adapt his own behaviour and attitude to match the company’s “brand”.

A new type of security guard

The security industry has evolved from offering just a physical presence in order to protect buildings and people and nowadays includes an array of value added services tailored to their clients to better protect people and property.

As you can see the role of manned guarding is quite varied and for this reason to pays to contact a security company such as MA Services Group. We have an abundance of experience in this field and a team of dedicated and committed guards and are sure to be able to supply the perfect fit for you. Call us today on 03 9994 4107 to discuss your requirements.

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